Best Basal Temperature Thermometers

Best Basal Temperature Thermometers

To begin to approach this instrument, we must first know what the basal temperature is. This refers to the lowest temperature our body achieves while we are at rest, that is, after our hours of night sleep. This type of temperature is normally used to know the fertile days of the woman, it is a way of knowing with certainty on which day of the menstrual cycle the uterus is.

To know this temperature, any thermometer could be implemented, but for this there are some specially designed for this action , which are called: basal thermometers. Through the analysis of this temperature we can determine if you are ovulating, if you have a pregnancy or if your period is coming.

Thanks to the basal thermometers we can take the basal temperature more easily and with greater precision, since something very important in this case is that the temperature changes that are recorded in each of the possible scenarios (ovulation, pregnancy or menstruation) are very small, so if the results obtained are not totally accurate this could modify our final analysis.

What Is A Basal Thermometer Used For?

These thermometers are designed exclusively to take the basal temperature, that is, the temperature of our body just when we wake up after a considerable rest (it is recommended that it be at least four hours). This temperature should be taken without moving from the bed, the only movement we can make is to stretch the arm to drink and use the thermometer, since a sudden movement could alter the result.

This temperature has certain variations depending on the moment in which we are in our menstrual cycle . At the beginning of the cycle it is low and rises when ovulation occurs, since the hormone that governs this process (progesterone) causes the temperature to rise.

Therefore, by taking the basal temperature properly, a graph can be made that shows us when our fertile days arrive and in this way a pregnancy can be planned or in any case avoided.

In the same way, keeping this type of control of the menstrual cycle helps us to know our own functioning , especially in cases where women tend to have irregular cycles or with certain inconveniences.

Icare-Health Basal Thermometer

 Best Basal Temperature Thermometers

This basal thermometer is digital, that is, it works with batteries and shows us the result through a fairly clear LED screen . In the case of this model, it comes equipped with the function of saving the last 60 temperature records and the same team produces the graph that shows you when your fertile days will be and other details of the menstrual cycle.

This model promises to provide accurate results to help you determine when your fertile days are in the simplest way. The precision of the equipment claims to be about +/- 0.05 ºC / 0.09 ºF, it also has a storage power of up to 60 results, so that you can keep a record that helps you know how your menstrual cycles are.

The thermometer has a large LCD screen that shows you all the information you need, it has a very striking blue backlight, so you will not lose sight of any detail or indicator that the equipment shows you.

This thermometer also has an alarm chime that tells you when it is ready to be used and also when the result is on the screen, the measurement takes approximately 120 seconds and the result can be configured to display in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit. .

If you leave the thermometer on, it can be deactivated automatically after being inactive for a certain time , in this way you can save the battery and thus not have to replace it so quickly. The estimated battery life time is around 1000 measurements, which is enough to use it for at least a couple of years.

The sensor that implements this thermometer is a thermistor and its use is designed exclusively for the mouth, not like others that can be used axillary, rectally or vaginally. The range that this thermometer uses on the scale is 32-42.99 ºC, or in the case of degrees Fahrenheit: 89.6-109.38 ºF.

It is a fairly light and easy to handle product , its weight is only 15 grams and its dimensions are 42.2 x 15.5 x 124.7 mm. Auto power off occurs one minute after the last measurement if no buttons have been pressed.

The Purchase Kit For This Thermometer Includes

 Best Basal Temperature Thermometers

a battery installed in the equipment, a case to store the thermometer, an instruction manual and a diagram to keep track of ovulation.

For its part, the opinions left by users who have purchased this product are not very positive . They allege that the equipment is not very precise, since when used several times in the same area the result varies up to about - / + 0.20 degrees, and even if you try to calibrate, it does not work correctly, which is a great disappointment. since the manufacturer promises above all the precision of the result.

Therefore, following the opinions of buyers, it is recommended to purchase another product of better precision at a cheaper price , since this model of basal thermometer is also somewhat expensive due to the functions it offers, but if these are not really As promised, paying this cost is not worth it.

 Best Basal Temperature Thermometers

Geratherm Gt-3230

The Geratherm Gt-3230 is a basal thermometer specially designed to keep track of ovulation cycles, however, this device also has the option to be implemented simply to detect a feverish temperature in people.

Similarly, its main function is to take the basal temperature, therefore we will focus on that aspect in this case. This thermometer is created especially for those who want to carry out a fairly accurate family planning. The equipment allows us to determine our fertile days and thus plan or not a pregnancy.

The thermometer has a fairly large screen , which shows four digits and has a considerable enough illumination so that its use at night is not a problem. This instrument has the highest accuracy on the market, +/- 0.10 ° C, and allows you to record the last ten measurement results.

In addition, the design of this model is quite good and its tip is flexible to facilitate its use and make it much more comfortable depending on the area where it is going to be used, but especially for oral measurement.

As we know that the basal temperature must be recorded to make a graph , this product comes equipped with a graph so that you can save there and keep track of your cycle and thus you can determine which day of the cycle you are on.

The dimensions of the product are very favorable so that its transfer is not a problem , it will not take up much space in your bag in case you have to take it with you on a trip. To be exact, this thermometer measures 17.8 x 1.9 x 7 cm and weighs only 54 grams.

The price and quality of this thermometer go hand in hand , since its operation is very efficient and it is worth its cost. Among the opinions of those who have purchased this product we can see that they all agree in terms of satisfaction with the thermometer, nobody has made a negative opinion about the Geratherm Gt-3230 so far, since it meets the expectations it promises.

Based on the experience shared by the buyers of this thermometer, we can say that the Geratherm Gt-3230 is a good quality thermometer, made with the right materials for comfortable use , of a very handy size and a resistant structure. Regarding the temperature measurement, the thermometer does its job and the results are very accurate, as well as being shown in the time that the manufacturer promises (three to four minutes).

For its part, we must pay attention to the user manual of this product, since there are those who are confused between the result of the febrile temperature with the basal temperature. The instructions clearly indicate that after ten seconds you will hear a beep that indicates the normal temperature, that is, the feverish temperature, in case you want to use it as a normal thermometer, but if it is left for three to four minutes you will hear another beep that indicates the basal temperature and it is this that we are going to record.

 Best Basal Temperature Thermometers

The only slightly deficient point that the users of this thermometer highlight is its low memory capacity , since it only stores the last ten results, but this is something that we can remedy ourselves by keeping a manual record of the temperature.

One Step Basal Thermometer

This is a basal temperature thermometer with a very simple design and functionality. This model is the best-seller in countries such as France, Great Britain and Germany, which gives a very good impression in terms of the quality that this product offers.

The One Step thermometer is configured to measure temperature directly in degrees Celsius (° C) and displays two decimal places, which is ideal for accurately recording basal temperature and knowing exactly which day of the menstrual cycle is .

Regarding the autonomous recording of temperature, the thermometer only saves the result of the last measurement, which for some is a point against this thermometer, but if we are sensible we can counteract the low capacity of this function by recording by our own means. the results of previous measurements.

The measurement time of this thermometer is one of the fastest on the market, since while other models take up to four minutes to give an accurate result, the One Step only takes 60 seconds to have the result ready on your screen.

In addition, within the purchase kit, this thermometer includes a fertility graph to fill in with the data obtained and thus see when our fertile days arrive to plan or avoid a pregnancy.

This thermometer was specially designed to record small changes in basal temperature, which is why it has two decimal places that will give us an exact result to record and make a fairly accurate menstrual cycle graph.

The correct use of this thermometer allows us to know which are the most fertile days of a woman, in this way we can have a more precise family planning, since we will know when is the moment when the body is more prone to carry a pregnancy .

In this way, by filling in the graph with the results obtained, we will be able to see the variations in temperature that indicate the stage of our menstrual cycle , whether it is ovulation, menstruation, fertile or infertile days.

The use of this thermometer was specialized only for reproductive purposes , so it cannot be used if you want to know our feverish temperature. In the same way, it is a water resistant equipment, it has an alarm that tells us when the result is ready and in case of inactivity it automatically turns off after 10 minutes.

Another function that this thermometer has integrated is that its battery lasts up to 200 hours of continuous use and in case it is already running low , it has an indicator that indicates the status of the battery , to keep in mind that it must be replaced soon. In addition, the product comes with a two-year warranty.

 Best Basal Temperature Thermometers

As for the opinions left by the users who have purchased the product, it can be seen that in general they are all good. It is highlighted that it is a light, practical, fast and above all accurate equipment, qualities that make this thermometer a product whose quality is related to its cost, so it is completely worth making this purchase.

Dighealth Digital Basal Thermometer

This basal thermometer is also specially designed to measure only this type of temperature, in order to give accurate results that can help determine the time of ovulation and the fertile days of the menstrual cycle.

The DigHealth Thermometer provides very accurate readings of basal temperature and displays two decimal places to record a more approximate result that can be used to know what day of the menstrual cycle the woman is on.

This version is an improved model of the DigHealth brand, so its operation is better and more successful. This thermometer features a highly accurate basal temperature reading, this +/- 0.05 ° C (35.5 - 42 ° C), and is set to display only in degrees Celsius.

For its part, the purchase kit does not include an ovulation record chart , so the process to determine this has to be carried out by the same person and manually.

As for the indicators, the DigHealth when it reaches the final measurement produces a sound that indicates that the result is ready. The equipment also has a readliquid glass screen that clearly shows the values ​​obtained in four figures for greater precision.

The beep indicator sounds after approximately one minute to one and a half minutes , and also sounds when the power is turned on. One of the shortcomings of this model is that it does not have its own light, so if it is used in a place with low light, a flashlight such as the mobile one will have to be required to see the result on the screen.

For its part, the product's memory only stores the result of the last measurement performed, so to keep a longer record it must be done manually on another device or on a sheet of paper, along with the ovulation graph if necessary. wants.

 Best Basal Temperature Thermometers

In the same way, it is a simple and practical product , so if you are looking for a basal thermometer that simply fulfills its function without major pretensions, this model is the ideal for you.

Basal Thermometer Bbt Multifunction

The BBT thermometer is a very good quality basal thermometer, its design is very ergonomic and it is very easy to implement , since it has a large LCD screen that shows the result clearly so that its reading is accurate and thus can be carried due control of this type of temperature.

This thermometer is suitable for oral, rectal and axillary use, so you can implement it in the way that is most comfortable for you. The only recommendation that is made is that if you are going to control and record your basal temperature, you should take measurements in the same place every day to have a more accurate result in terms of your menstrual cycle.

This thermometer can also be implemented to measure feverish temperature , it has a waterproof design, so you can clean it without any fear of the product breaking down.

The BBT basal thermometer comes with a one-year warranty and the purchase kit includes a cover to store the thermometer and move it without it being damaged, spoiled or dirty with other things around it.

The size and weight of this thermometer is very practical so that its use and transfer are as comfortable as possible, it measures exactly 13.3 x 1.8 x 1.3 cm and its weight is only 9 grams.

Thanks to the function of this thermometer you can keep an accurate and reliable control of your basal temperature, you will not have to consider implementing a mercury thermometer that can be toxic to your body, since with the digital method you can achieve the best results that will give you the correct reading of your menstrual cycle and thus you can plan or avoid pregnancy.

The reading time that this model of thermometer takes is 40 to 60 seconds , which is very fast and conducive to making use more comfortable, since you will not have to spend a lot of time immobile with the thermometer in the area measurement to have the exact result of your temperature.

Also, the design of this thermometer has a flexible tip so that its use is more comfortable, and in case you want to measure the feverish temperature in babies, this will not be a problem or cause any discomfort in the little one.

 Best Basal Temperature Thermometers

Regarding the opinions of the buyers of this product, there are no complaints about the operation of the thermometer, although there are those who claim that this is a simple common and ordinary thermometer, and is not specialized for basal use, so the results are not Accurate in case you want to register tenths and keep track of the menstrual cycle.

How Do Thermometers That Measure Basal Temperature Work?

These thermometers work just like other conventional thermometers, they simply come with a shorter and larger scale to determine the basal temperature along with the corresponding tenths. It should be noted that there are two types of basal temperature thermometers: digital and analog.

Basal thermometers of the digital type are high precision instruments , they contain a larger viewer and can offer us a result with two or more tenths, which gives us a better result to carry out precise control of ovulation.

For their part, analog thermometers work the way a mercury or gallium thermometer does . In this case we can get more models that implement gallium, because mercury is considered a toxic metal for people. However, mercury is much more practical for temperature measurement than gallium, since the latter is a not very dense and light liquid, so it is difficult to make it go down completely and there is no residue in the tube .


A question that many people ask is why use a basal thermometer and not a normal one in this case. The answer is simple: basal thermometers, unlike conventional thermometers, are designed to measure our temperature at rest, so the measurement scale ranges between 35 and 38 ° C, which allows the reading be simpler and taking into account the decimals of the result.

Our basal temperature is altered only by tenths during the menstrual cycle, that is the importance of the precision of the result. That is why these thermometers specialize in specifying one, two or more tenths in the result, only in this way can we know with certainty which day of the cycle we are on.

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