Cooper Tires Review

Cooper Tires Review

cooper tires review

Cooper Author Review By Lauren Fix

Cooper Tires is not as widely known as other tire companies but has a long history of being in the tire industry for over 100 years. Cooper Tires has over 65 locations around the globe.

Tire navigator: Search for tires by year, make and model to see a list of options complete with customer reviews.

Cooper Tires can be purchased through all major U.S. tire shops such as NTB and Big O.

Cooper Tires offers a comprehensive warranty.

Cooper Tires offers a learning center, which includes a section dedicated to education and containing a video library that features Johnny Unser as he races his race car.

Tire rewards: Cooper Tires Tires Rewards site provides discounts, specials, or rebates on many kinds of tires.

cooper tires review


Not as great value as the best brands

Cooper Tires is not likely to compete with the most renowned American tire companies, however, it offers solid, quality tires in many categories. This US tire company has been around for more than 100-years and has quietly bought other tires companies from all over the world. Now, it manufactures tires in 13 nations. Additionally, it has close ties to the US Military that could help increase its appeal.

Cooper sells a wide range of tires for cars and trucks, suitable for both winter and summer driving, as well as all-season, on-all-terrain, driving. You can choose from three popular brands: Adventurer or Discoverer. Evolution has many unique options to make sure you are safe on all kinds of roads.

Cooper Tires has been reviewed by us. We’ve done extensive research on the tires, comparing their performance and price to other competitors. We’ve pulled user reviews, survey information and industry reviews into one place so you have everything you need to know about Cooper Tires, and why it ranks among our best tire brands list of 2020.

cooper tires review

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Tire Review & Rating

You can read tire reviews about the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 and other information. It is often difficult to find an all-terrain vehicle that works on and off-road. Its tread design balances well to give excellent wet and dry traction while still providing solid performance on varied terrains.

Featuring not only an attractive tread pattern, it has also incorporated a five ribbed design to enhance stability and on-road handing. This design has both a split center rib which increases off-road performance and traction while also producing high quality on-road performance.

Aggressive shoulders add extra grip to tires on soft surfaces. Also, the deep grooves around its circumference provide extra performance.

The Discoverer AT3 has an unusual siping structure. It is in a ZIGZAZ pattern. They reduce road noise as well as ensuring that the tread wear is more uniform. They also help remove pebbles and stones from the tread block and stabilize it.

The protection offered by the grooves provides additional support in decreasing stone retention. Because the tire has the ability to clean it self, it is also able to show a different face each time it cleans.

Cooper also gave this model a sophisticated and neat appearance thanks to special venting technology. This eliminates micro-vents from the tread. This tire is quite different from other models in the same category.

It is especially impressive in the wet. The silica-based tread compound gives you more confidence behind your wheel thanks to its excellent wet performance. You will find the tire holds your vehicle stable during fast lane changing maneuvers, as well as on corners and wet turns.

cooper tires review

Price range

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tires are priced from around $114 to $228. This tire may be eligible for occasional discounts, coupon codes, and other special offers.

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Warranty Cooper will provide a five-year, 55,000-mile treadlife warranty for the Discoverer A/T3. There is also a first 2/32 inch tire uniformity guarantee as well.

The materials and workmanship covered by the warranty are valid for five years. They also include free tires replacement after the first 32 inches of wear. Cooper divides up the cost for any remaining time periods or to the last 2/3 inch tread depth.

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cooper tires review

Cooper Tire Models

Cooper Zeon RS3S – This replacement for the Zeon 2XS, is intended to suit high-performance cars, coupes, and luxurious sed. This tire is a significant improvement on the Zeon 2XS and offers crisp steering response and good wet-surface handling.

This new model replaces the GLS and it is an all season touring tire designed for car drivers in coupes, sedans, or minivans.

This tire features some of Cooper’s latest technology

and a quiet ride, good stability and outstanding all season traction are hallmarks of this tire. Cooper CS3 Touring Review. Also, check out the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Review. Cooper GLS Touring Review Cooper Discoverer AT3 The tire was designed for pickups and SUVs. It is capable of handling a variety of terrains. The Discoverer AT3 tire may suit you if you like to drive your car on different surfaces. Click here to read our Cooper Discoverer AT3 Review and compare it with Cooper Discoverer ATW Review Cooper Discoverer HTP Review Cooper Adventurer Tour The Cooper Adventurer Tour is an iteration of the Cooper A/T3. This tire has been designed to be used on pickups, SUVs, and other 4×4’s. It combines strong off-roading capability with more civilized road manners. Cooper Adventurer Tour Tire Review Cooper Zeon ZTZ is a hybrid tire that combines street-style features with go-anywhere traction. The tire is engineered for trucks and SUVs and features long lasting tread life, excellent traction on a variety of terrains and a comfortable, smooth ride.

Cooper Lifeliner, an all-season touring tire that is budget-friendly, offers ride comfort and longer tire life. It’s suitable for coupes, sedans, and minivans.

Cooper Discoverer ATP tires

These cars are engineered to offer a combination of smooth off-road performance and smooth on-road handling.

cooper tires review

Best Cooper Tire Reviews

Cooper, an American tire company, is headquartered in Ohio. It has been around for more than 100 years. Cooper produces tires for passenger cars and trucks.

Now Available on the Tire Rack

Some tires manufactured by the company include tires designed for particular conditions like winter, all-season and summer. However, the company also makes tires suitable for particular road conditions.

Cooper has a multitude of options for tires. The design elements are low noise, high performance and long tread life.

Cooper Tires will review the manufacturing processes and design features Cooper incorporates into its tires. This report will also discuss how Cooper’s practices have been recognized by industry leaders.

What is the Difference?

Focus on Durability

cooper tires review

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Cooper Zeon 2XS

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Is Cooper Tires A Good Brand?

Cooper tires were rated 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. We also voted the company the Most Affordable Tire Company in 2021. Cooper tires are a solid choice because of their low price, wide range of options for replacement tires, and safety focus. Cooper tires are not the longest-lasting available on the market.

Are Cooper Tires As Good As Michelin?

Cooper Tires is well-known for making reliable, cheap tires but not as famous as Michelin. … So, when we compare Michelin to Cooper, Michelin wins. Cooper’s tire offerings can never match those of Michelin.

Who Are Cooper Tires Made By?

As a result of the $2.8 billion acquisition, Cooper Tire is now owned by Goodyear. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. becomes a Goodyear company subsidiary. Both Ohio tiremakers announced Monday the completion of their merger with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. in Findlay. This was originally announced Feb. 7, 2021.

Cooper Tyres: Worth It?

They are engineered to offer more mileage with less loss of grip. Cooper Tires offer the best in tyre technology, with top treadwear ratings and excellent traction ratings. They are worth owning.

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