Falken Tires Review

Falken Tires Review

falken tires review

Best Falken Tire Reviews

Japanese brand Falken, a sub-company of Sumitomo Rubber Industries was established in 1983 to develop tires for vehicles, including trucks and cars. Falken tires are available in USA, Japan, and even Europe, and are widely considered as one of the best ultra-high-performance tires that can be fitted on a range of vehicles.

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This brand is able leverage their participation and gained experience in motorsports to make tires that are exceptionally good for everyday consumers. Falken tires are crafted with racecar-tire technologies that enable superior grip and enhanced handling.

We have previously reviewed Falken Tires and highlighted the various performance technologies that are included in every Falken Tire. This review also focuses on how they enhance your vehicle’s capabilities.

Falken Tires: What are the Benefits of Buying Falken Tires

Motorsports Experience

Falken Motorsports began in 1985. They won their first international Mirage Cup win in 1988. Falken Motorsports has taken part in various motorsports events like rally racing or the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

falken tires review

Best Falken Tires?

Falken Ziex-ZE950 All Season Tire. For drivers of cars and sedans that desire excellent performance, all year long, as well as good handling.

This is ideal for drivers of SUVs, light trucks, or other vehicles that require a mix of on and off-road abilities.

The tires have all of the features.

in weather versatility. See our Review of Falken Wildpeak AT3W Falken Sincera SN250 ALL-SEASON Touring Tire. The tires can be used by sedans, coupes and other cars. The tires provide excellent wet traction, cornering performance and precise steering.

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These Tires

These are for SUV, truck and crossover drivers. These wheels allow you to move freely on uneven terrain without fear of damaging your vehicle.

falken tires review

Falken Everything

Who are you?

Although Falken tires can be quite affordable, they are more widely known than the tires that we reviewed in Lionhart tires. The company makes a variety of tires for vehicles, trucks, and SUVs and is available in many stores in both Canada and the USA.

Falken makes tires that are durable and offers a selection of models suitable for off-road and on-road usage.

While pricing can vary across the internet, you will find that some models have a price tag of up to 200 dollars for regular retail. They are not budget tires that can be bought at dirt cheap prices and shipped from a warehouse with mixed brands around the globe.

Falken tires are manufactured in multiple facilities, some of which are here in America. It is a Japanese brand, though, and it has been around for many years. Japan is known for Toyota, Mitsubishi Honda, Honda, and other brands. Falken’s roots and current manufacturing processes can be trusted, it’s that simple.

Falken tires, while being a reliable, middle-range brand, are still a good choice. They stand out above other tires that we have listed, but they don’t quite match the reputation of Michelin.

falken tires review

Falken Tires Review

Founded in 1983 as a subsidiary of the Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Falken Tire is a brand of passenger…

Falken Tire was started in 1983, as a Japanese company subsidiary. In North America, the tire was introduced two years and then to Europe two years later. Falken has been a leading ultra-high performance brand for over ten years and is often a participant in (and winner!) motorsport events. Motorsport participation. Falken Motorsports was awarded the Mirage Cup in 1988. They have participated in a wide range of motorsports events since, such as the Tudor United Sports Car Championship IMSA, Formula Drift Series or 24 hours of Nurburgring.

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Is Falken the right brand of tire for you? Falken is a popular brand that we recommend. We’ve also reviewed their top models.

.Falken Tires Review