Best Gopher Poisons

Victor M6006 Poison Peanuts Mole & Gopher Killer

Victor M6006 Poison Peanuts Mole & Gopher Killer
Victor M6006 Poison Peanuts Mole & Gopher Killer Pellets are an easy way to quickly kill moles and gophers. The pellet’s unique cone-tip design makes it easy to punch holes in active tunnels, while the palatable formula is easily eaten by moles and gophers. The tube makes it easy to pour pellets into tunnels, so you can quickly and easily take control of any infestation.
  • Pellets Quickly Kill Moles And Gophers
  • Easily Punch Holes In Active Tunnels With Cone Tip Design
  • Unique Formula Is Palatable To Moles And Gophers
  • Tube Makes It Easy To Pour Pellets Into Tunnels
  • Do Not Place In Areas Accessible To Children And Pets

Looking to get rid of pesky moles and gophers in your yard? Look no further than Victor M6006 Poison Peanuts Mole & Gopher Killer Pellets! These pellets quickly kill moles and gophers, and are easy to punch holes in active tunnels. The unique formula is palatable to moles and gophers, and the tube makes it easy to pour pellets into tunnels. Keep your yard clean and mole-free with Victor M6006 Poison Peanuts Mole & Gopher Killer Pellets!

Tomcat Mole & Gopher Bait, 6 Oz

Tomcat Mole & Gopher Bait, 6 oz
The Ready-to-Use Mole & Gopher Bait from Cat Mate contains zinc phosphide, which is a powerful mole and gopher killer. This bait is ready-to-use, and will kill both moles and gophers within a few hours. The bait is easy to use – simply scatter a handful on the ground next to where you suspect the mole or gopher is hiding, and wait for the animals to congregate. Once they have, they will be stunned and easy to kill.
  • Controls Moles* And Pocket Gophers** *Not For Mole Use In California Or Indiana. Not For Use Against Star-Nosed Mole In North Carolina. **Not For Use Against Gophers In North Carolina.
  • Ready-To-Use Pelleted Bait
  • With Zinc Phosphide
  • Made In Usa

Looking to get your mole and gopher problems under control? Tomcat Mole & Gopher Bait is just what you need! This ready-to-use pelleted bait is effective against both moles and gophers, and is made in the USA. Order your supply today!

Tomcat Mole & Gopher Repellent Granules, 4 Lb

Tomcat Mole & Gopher Repellent Granules, 4 lb
The Cat Mole & Gopher Repellent Granules are an effective way to repel moles, gophers, voles, armadillos and other burrowing pests. The granules also create an unpleasant taste and smell that causes burrowing pests to relocate. The ground-penetrating technology in the granules helps to improve castor oil’s ability to mix with water and sink deep into soil.
  • Effectively Repels Moles Gophers Voles Armadillos And Other Burrowing Pests
  • Creates An Unpleasant Taste And Smell That Causes Burrowing Pests To Relocate
  • Ground-Penetrating Technology (Gpt) Improves Castor Oils Ability To Mix With Water And Sink Deep Into Soil
  • Safe For Lawns And Gardens (When Used As Directed)
  • Treats Up To 4 000 Sq. Ft.

Looking to keep your lawn and garden free of pesky pests? Look no further than Tomcat Mole & Gopher Repellent Granules! These granules are effective at repelling moles, gophers, voles, armadillos and other burrowing pests, and will also create an unpleasant taste and smell that will cause burrowing pests to relocate. Plus, ground-penetrating technology (GPT) improves castor oil’s ability to mix with water and sink deep into soil, making it the perfect solution for treating up to 4,000 sq. ft.

Bonide (Bnd61110) – Revenge Rodent Smoke Bombs, Mole And Gopher Killer, Poison, Repellent, Trap, Pack Of 4

Bonide (BND61110) – Revenge Rodent Smoke Bombs, Mole and Gopher Killer, Poison, Repellent, Trap, Pack of 4
Brand: Bonide Category: Rodent Control
  • Rodent Control – Revenge Rodent Smoke Bombs Are Effective On Gophers Moles Woodchucks Norway Rats Skunks And Ground Squirrels.
  • No Secondary Poisoning – These Smoke Bombs Eliminate Secondary Poisoning Concerns. Use With Caution And Follow The Directions On The Package.
  • How It Works – Once Activated The Smoke Bomb Emits A Thick Dense Suffocating And Toxic Smoke Into Rodent Burrows. The Smoke Bomb Traps The Rodents In Their Burrow. Be Sure That All Other Exits Of The Burrow Are Blocked And Secured.
  • How Many To Use – One Cartridge Per Burrow Should Be Adequate And Work Well In Most Cases. Larger Rodents Like The Groundhog May Require More Than One But It Is Not Recommended To Use More Than Two Smoke Bombs.
  • Warning Of Fire Hazard – Do Not Use This Product Under A Porch Shed Or Indoors. It Is A Possible Fire Hazard And It Can Be Toxic To People And Animals If Not Used Properly.

Bonide Revenge Rodent Smoke Bombs are effective on gophers, moles, woodchucks, Norway rats, skunks, and ground squirrels. NO SECONDARY POISONING – These smoke bombs eliminate secondary poisoning concerns. Use with caution and follow the directions on the package. HOW IT WORKS – Once activated, the smoke bomb emits a thick, dense, suffocating, and toxic smoke into rodent burrows. The smoke bomb traps the rodents in their burrow. Be sure that all other exits of the burrow are blocked and secured. HOW MANY TO USE – One cartridge per burrow should be adequate and work well in most cases. Larger rodents like the groundhog may require more than one, but it is not recommended to use more than two smoke bombs. WARNING OF FIRE HAZARD – Do not use this product under a porch, shed, or indoors. It is a possible fire hazard, and it can be toxic to people and animals if not used properly.

Best Gopher Poisons

best gopher poisons

Top 4 Gopher Poison Reviews (**2021**)

Do you want the best gopher food? If so, you are in the right spot!

In this Pest Strategies product review you can expect to learn:

Our top gopher-friendly poison

What is gopher poison and how does it work

Simple tips about how to use and deploy them

Poisons are effective in eliminating gopher problems

And 4 poisons we reviewed for homeowners

How to Use Gopher Poisons

Which Gopher Poisons Should You Use?

Find out if these are right for you.

Gophers won’t go away on their own. Plants have reasons to stay. They don’t want to live with you. They are the rulers of their territory. They are destructive in their eating habits. They continue to dig.

Gophers are nuisances everywhere. A lawn is a catastrophe. Need help controlling them

Gopher poisons are very effective. People consider these to be a much more efficient method of controlling their population than trapping.

Poison can provide long term residual control. The poison can be used to control gophers even if it is not consumed immediately.

The ease and effectiveness of the poison used for gopher murder must be balanced with safety concerns.

best gopher poisons

Make wise choices and use them

These pests can be controlled by gopher poisons. You may also consider poison bait if gopher-traps aren’t practical.

Gopher removal is temporary. Gophers may move to your region and make use of the tunnel network. Stay alert for signs of new activity.

Get ready to use gopher poisons (or traps) as soon you spot any signs of gopher digging! They must be eliminated before they can reproduce. It is the most effective way to manage your problem with minimal headaches.

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Omega Gopher Grain Bait

Omega Gopher Grain Bait (single feed strychnine) is the best single feed gopher food for controlling pocket gophers. It’s available to the rancher and homeowner alike. In order to ensure increased quality storage, and tunnel feeding, the groated Oat is infused with flavoring agents and extenders. Get the best bait. The best quality and most thorough research can bring about results.

It is not always possible to remove all poisons. For “cleaning up” pocket gophers, use traps such as the Quick Set Gopher Traps or the Cinch Sure Gopher Traps.

Pro Tip: Use gloves when handling to reduce human scent on bait and for safety. The best way to apply the bait is with a spoon that can be inserted into burrows. Focus on fresh activity and do 2 – 3 placements per burrow system. -Scott For Gopher Damage ID follow this Link Please note you will leave this site.

best gopher poisons

How To Kill Gophers With Poison

Gophers can be controlled by poison. Many homeowners have tried it. This can be an extremely effective way of getting rid of gophers. However, it’s important to take care with the poisons that you choose and whereabouts. These are some of the most common poisons used by gophers:

Strychnine- This is the most common form and most effective poison for gophers. It’s also the most destructive to ecosystems, even though it’s the commonest. Strychnine is not only fatal to the gopher but also kills any other gophers or animals that have eaten the grain. Carefully use the gopher poison.

Zinc Phosphide- Zincphosphide has a lower effectiveness than strychnine in killing gophers. Like strychnine it can also be killed by any other animal that eats the bait grain or poisoned gopher.

RoZol contains Chlorophacinone, an anticoagulant. Although it is not as effective as the others, this poison poses little threat to the environment. To kill a gopher, it takes approximately 10 times as much of this poison than either strychnine nor zinc phosphide.

Gopher poison can be placed in a way that reduces the risk to animals not intended for it. Locating a burrow opening is the easiest way to release these poisons. Then, using a probe such as a wooden or metal dowel, find where the burrow runs through your yard. The probe can be used to dig a small hole into the ground. Once the hole is made, the poisoned bait should be placed in the burrow. The poison will be out of reach for non-target birds and the gopher will die before they can exit the burrow.

What Is The Most Effective Gopher Poison?

JT Eaton 709PN Bait Blockrodenticide.Bonide Moletox Moletox Mole.Gopher Killer.Sweeney’s Mole.4-Pack.

Is There A Poison For Gophers?

Strychnine works within seconds, so gophers that eat bait far from their hole will die before returning home. Merrill added that Rozol can also be used for anticoagulant control. Death is slower than with strychnine, and the rodent must eat 50 grams for a lethal dose.

Which is the best way to get rid of gophers?

For a homemade remedy, mix three parts castor oil and one part dish soap. You will need to add 4 tablespoons of the mixture per gallon. Use the tunnels as a trap to remove the moles. Castor Oil is one of the best home remedies for getting rid of them.

What is the average time it takes for poison to kill a gopher?

Most poisons will kill the gopher within 24-hours of ingestion, sometimes less. The slow death of the gophers will alarm other gophers.

.Best Gopher Poisons
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