Best Hard Floor Vacuums

Eureka Lightweight Powerful Upright Vacuum Cleaner For Carpet And Hard Floor, Powerspeed, New Model

Eureka Lightweight Powerful Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and Hard Floor, PowerSpeed, New Model
The Eureka PowerSpeed is now upgraded with new cyclone technology to handle larger debris, smaller dirt and even microscopic dust. Powerful pick up: Penetrates deep into carpet to extract embedded dirt, dust, and debris. Lightweight: PowerSpeed does all the work while still remaining lightweight. 5 Height Settings: : The PowerSpeed works well on carpets, shag rug, and hard floors. Its wheels run smoothly on hardwood floors to prevent scratches or gouges. Multiple accessories included: A quick-release handle is connected to the stretch hose for above-floor cleaning. A 7-inch-long crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool help clean hard-to-reach areas. Extract dirt, pet hair, freshen up your car, curtains, ceilings or door frames. For your convenience, they are all stored right on board. Powered by cyclone technology, this lightweight upright vacuum cleaner features five height settings to tackle even the thickest carpets. The crevice tool and Dusting Brush are perfect for deep into carpets to extract embedded dirt, dust and debris. It also comes with a 7-inch-long Crevice Tool, a Quick-Release Handle and upholstery tool to help clean hard-to-reach areas. Storage for all of your accessories is included so you can clean anywhere.
  • Upgraded Cyclone Systemthe Eureka Powerspeed Is Now Upgraded With New Cyclone Technology To Handle Larger Debris Smaller Dirt And Even Microscopic Dust.
  • Powerful Pick Up Penetrates Deep Into Carpet To Extract Embedded Dirt Dust And Debris.
  • Lightweight Powerspeed Does All The Work While Still Remaining Lightweight.
  • 5 Height Settings The Powerspeed Works Well On Carpets Shag Rug And Hard Floors. Its Wheels Run Smoothly On Hardwood Floors To Prevent Scratches Or Gouges.
  • Multiple Accessories Included A Quick-Release Handle Is Connected To The Stretch Hose For Above-Floor Cleaning. A 7-Inch-Long Crevice Tool Dusting Brush And Upholstery Tool Help Clean Hard-To-Reach Areas. Extract Dirt Pet Hair Freshen Up Your Car Curtains Ceilings Or Door Frames. For Your Convenience They Are All Stored Right On Board.

The Eureka PowerSpeed is now upgraded with new cyclone technology to handle larger debris, smaller dirt and even microscopic dust. With a powerful pick up and 5 height settings, the PowerSpeed can clean carpets, shag rug, and hard floors. The wheels run smoothly on hardwood floors to prevent scratches or gouges. The included accessories help clean hard-to-reach areas.

Hoover Floormate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine, Wet Dry Vacuum, Fh40160Pc, Silver

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine, Wet Dry Vacuum, FH40160PC, Silver
The Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine is a great way to clean your floors. The machine has dual tank technology that keeps the clean and dirty water separate so you never put dirty water back on the floor. The machine has a wash-dry mode that uses brushes to clean while suctioning up excess water, and a selection wash mode that uses brushes to clean while suctioning up excess water and improves drying time. The machine has a motor voltage of 120 volts. The machine has a fingertip control that applies extra detergent to stains and heavy traffic areas, and is lightweight at under 14 pounds.
  • Hardwood Laminate Vinyl And Tile Cleaner Spinscrub Brushes Deliver The Best Clean While Gently And Safely Scrubbing Sealed Wood Vinyl Tile And Grout
  • Dual Tank Technology Keeps Clean And Dirty Water Separate So You Never Put Dirty Water Back On The Floor
  • Wash-Dry Mode Selection Wash Mode Uses Brushes To Clean While Suctioning Up Excess Water While Dry Mode Stops Brushes To Suction Up Excess Water And Improve Drying Time. Motor Volts 120 Volts
  • Fingertip Control Clean Boost Control Fingertip Control Applies Extra Detergent To Stains And Heavy Traffic Areas
  • Lightweight At Under 14 Pounds The Floor Mate Is Easy To Lift And Carry Even Up And Down Stairs

The Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine is the perfect machine for your home. It has a dual tank technology that keeps the clean and dirty water separate so you never put dirty water back on the floor. It also has a wash-dry mode that uses brushes to clean while suctioning up excess water and improving drying time. The FloorMate is also lightweight and easy to lift and carry, even up and down stairs.

Eufy By Anker, Boostiq Robovac 30C, Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Wi-Fi, Super-Thin, 1500Pa Suction, Boundary Strips Included, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum, Cleans Hard Floors To Medium-Pile Carpets

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 30C, Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Wi-Fi, Super-Thin, 1500Pa Suction, Boundary Strips Included, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets
ēufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 30C, Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Wi-Fi, Super-Thin, 1500Pa Suction, Boundary Strips Included, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control-services let you accomplish your vacuuming needs with zero effort from you. Worry-Free Cleaning: Set Boundary Strips and the robotic vacuum cleaner’s slim 2.85” body with—upgraded to 1500Pa* suction—only cleans the areas you want. BoostIQ Technology: The robotic vacuum cleaner will automatically increase suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra vacuuming strength is needed—so you get the best clean. A Quiet Clean: Up to 100 minutes** of constant, powerful suction at a volume no louder than an operating microwave from this robotic vacuum cleaner.Power Consumption:40 W What You Get: RoboVac 30C, 13.2 ft Boundary Strips, remote control (2 AAA batteries included), charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, extra set of high-performance filters, 4 side brushes, 5 cable ties, welcome guide, and our worry-free 12-month warranty.
  • Wi-Fi Convenience The Eufyhome App And Amazon Alexa And The Google Assistant Voice Control-Services Let You Accomplish Your Vacuuming Needs With Zero Effort From You.
  • Worry-Free Cleaning Set Boundary Strips And The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner’S Slim 2.85” Body With—Upgraded To 1500Pa* Suction—Only Cleans The Areas You Want.
  • Boostiq Technology The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Will Automatically Increase Suction Power Within 1.5 Seconds When Extra Vacuuming Strength Is Needed—So You Get The Best Clean.
  • A Quiet Clean Up To 100 Minutes** Of Constant Powerful Suction At A Volume No Louder Than An Operating Microwave From This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.Power Consumption40 W
  • What You Get Robovac 30C 13.2 Ft Boundary Strips Remote Control (2 Aaa Batteries Included) Charging Base Ac Power Adapter Cleaning Tool Extra Set Of High-Performance Filters 4 Side Brushes 5 Cable Ties Welcome Guide And Our Worry-Free 12-Month Warranty.

Introducing the Eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac 30C, the perfect robotic vacuum cleaner for medium-pile carpets and hard floors. This Wi-Fi enabled vacuum cleaner comes with a 1500Pa suction and 4 side brushes for a thorough clean. The BoostIQ Technology ensures that the robotic vacuum cleaner will automatically increase suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra vacuuming strength is needed, making it the perfect cleaner for hard floors and medium-pile carpets. The Eufy by Anker is also quiet and has a self-charging robotic vacuum cleaner that will clean your floors for up to 40 minutes. Get the Eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac 30C today, and worry-free clean your floors!

Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight Vac For Carpets And Hard Floors, W/Filter, Blue

Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Lightweight Vac for Carpets and Hard Floors, w/Filter, Blue
Material: ABS, steel, plastic Accessories: Crevice tool, Dusting brush, Automatic cord Rewind, One-button release for dust cup emptying. 2.5L dust container, no maintenance costs: No bags or filters required. The whirlwind has a Bagless design and uses washable filters. Rinse the filters as needed and you’re ready to go. Lightweight and easy to maneuver: vacuum anywhere around your home with ease with this lightweight vacuum. The Eureka whirlwind vacuum cleaner weighs less than 8 pounds and can easily maneuver under and around furniture and stairs thanks to its swivel steering and telescoping metal Wand. 2-In-1 integrated crevice tool: The Eureka whirlwind canister vacuum features a crevice tool integrated into the hose handle so it’s at your fingertips whenever you need and will never get lost. Easily disconnect the handle from the hose and then you can switch between a crevice tool and a dusting brush. Easy-to-use: Spend more time cleaning and less time struggling with your vacuum cleaner. The Eureka whirlwind has automatic cord Rewind, saving your valuable time. The whirlwind has a one-button release for easy dust cup emptying.
  • Innovative Multi-Surface Vacuum Deep Clean With The Whirlwind Canister Vacuum. This Vacuum Features An Integrated Airflow Control On The Handle That Can Be Easily Switched At Your Fingertips. It Includes Three Settings Carpet Upholstery & Hard Floors.
  • 2.5L Dust Container No Maintenance Costs No Bags Or Filters Required. The Whirlwind Has A Bagless Design And Uses Washable Filters. Rinse The Filters As Needed And You’Re Ready To Go.
  • Lightweight And Easy To Maneuver Vacuum Anywhere Around Your Home With Ease With This Lightweight Vacuum. The Eureka Whirlwind Vacuum Cleaner Weighs Less Than 8 Pounds And Can Easily Maneuver Under And Around Furniture And Stairs Thanks To Its Swivel Steering And Telescoping Metal Wand.
  • 2-In-1 Integrated Crevice Tool The Eureka Whirlwind Canister Vacuum Features A Crevice Tool Integrated Into The Hose Handle So It’S At Your Fingertips Whenever You Need And Will Never Get Lost. Easily Disconnect The Handle From The Hose And Then You Can Switch Between A Crevice Tool And A Dusting Brush.
  • Easy-To-Use Spend More Time Cleaning And Less Time Struggling With Your Vacuum Cleaner. The Eureka Whirlwind Has Automatic Cord Rewind Saving Your Valuable Time. The Whirlwind Has A One-Button Release For Easy Dust Cup Emptying.
  • What’S The Difference Between Nen110A And Nen110B. There Is An Extra Washable Filter In Nen110B.
  • Capacity 2.5 Liters

The Eureka whirlwind vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for deep cleanings of carpets and hard floors. It features an integrated airflow control on the handle that can be easily switched at your fingertips, and includes three settings: carpet, upholstery & hard floors. The vacuum also has a 2.5L dust container, no maintenance costs, and is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Shark Vm252 Vacmop Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop With Led Headlights, 4 Disposable Pads & 12 Oz. Cleaning Solution, Charcoal Gray

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop with LED Headlights, 4 Disposable Pads & 12 oz. Cleaning Solution, Charcoal Gray
The Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop with LED Headlights is a great option for those looking for a cordless mop that can handle a lot of dirt. It features powerful suction and spray mopping capabilities that will leave your floors clean and shining. The disposable pads make it easy to clean up after yourself, and the no-touch disposal means that you don’t have to touch a dirty pad. The lightweight design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, and the LED headlights make it easy to see any dirt or debris hiding around your home.
  • Complete Clean Powerful Suction Plus Spray Mopping – A Complete Clean In One Pad.
  • Disposable Pads Disposable Vacmop Pads Vacuum Up What Other Pads Push Around.
  • Powerful Suction Pulls In Dirt And Debris To Be Locked Away Directly In The Disposable Vacmop Pad.
  • 12 Oz. Cleaning Solution Spray Mop With Vacmop Spring Clean Floor Cleaner To Scrub Stuck-On Grime Providing Shiny Clean Floors.
  • No-Touch Disposal Remove Dirty Pad With A Touch Of A Button – Never Touch A Dirty Pad Again.
  • Easy Maintenance No Filter Or Maintenance Necessary. Just Replace The Pad – Clean Like New In Every Pad.
  • Clean On-The-Go Cordless With Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • Lightweight Easily Portable At Under 5 Lbs.
  • Led Headlights Powerful Led Headlights Reveal Hidden Debris Around Your Home
  • Whats Included Vacmop Charger (4) Disposable Pads & (1) 12 Oz. Cleaning Solution Bottle.

Shark Vacuum Mop – The Complete Clean! Looking for a powerful and easy to use vacuum cleaner? Look no further than the Shark Vacuum Mop! This mop is perfect for cleaning floors in your home, and it comes with disposable pads that vacuum up dirt and debris. Plus, the powerful suction ensures that you get a complete clean in one pad. Plus, the no-touch disposal means that you won’t have to touch a dirty pad.

Best Hard Floor Vacuums

Best Hard Floor Vacuums

What Vacuums We Test

At the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab, all vacuums are tested for their ability to remove deep-seated dirt and pet hair from carpets. We also look at how well they remove large and small debris from hard flooring like hardwood , tile, or linoleum, how well they clean along floor edges and how effective their suction is. Also, we test their maneuverability, weight, and battery-life for cordless vacuum cleaners. These are the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors. Here are the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors in 2021:

The Best Overall Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floors.

Best Value Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors :

Best Bagless Canister Vacuum for Hardwood Floors:

The Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors:

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaning Machine for Hardwood Floors:

Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum Cleaner:

The Best Cordless 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaning Machine for Hardwood Floors:

Best Compact Stick Vacuum for Hardwood Floors:


Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction The absolute best for hardwood floors This nimble vacuum for hardwood floors and low-pile carpeting includes tools designed to do the job right. It has given one Wirecutter editor a decade of excellent, trouble-free cleaning.

Amazon $299 from Abt

A vacuum specifically designed to clean floors without rugs can be purchased. Most of these vacuums are “suction only” and do not include a brush roll. The Miele Classic C1 pure suction vacuum is our favorite suction-only model. The canister vacuums from Miele are well-known for their durability, quiet operation, great filtration, and long life expectancy. The Classic C1 Pure Suction is the lowest-priced Miele canister model you can buy. This canister has no brush roll and a suction-only cleaning system. The edges have soft bristles that allow for smooth glide on bare floors. You can use it on low-pile carpets too, thanks to the strong suction.

Best Hard Floor Vacuums

Best Vacuums For Hardwood Floors

One of the winners from CR’s floors tests can help extend the life expectancy and beauty of your floors. If you shop through our retailer links, affiliate commissions could be earned. The nonprofit we support receives 100 percent of all the commissions.

Care for hardwood floors: What is the best method? Manufacturers of vacuums are responding to this question by creating special features and vacuums that can be used for hardwood floors.

Frank Rizzi, Consumer Reports’ vacuum tester, said that stick vacuums might work well if the floor has hardwood. Choose a higher-powered vacuum (either an upright, or a canister). These tips will help keep wood floors in good shape. You can also find eight other vacuums that will outperform your existing vacuum in our test on bare floors.

You can place a doormat at the entrance to prevent people from bringing dirt or grit inside. You can also preserve your floors by establishing a no shoe policy inside.

For furniture legs that are susceptible to scratches, you can use plastic or felt protectors. Lift furniture instead of sliding when you arrange it.

For the best results, avoid damaging flooring by placing a mat directly in front the range and the sink.

Don’t use a steam mop on hardwood floors. Brett Miller from the National Wood Flooring Association is the vice president of education, certification and training. “Vapor may get pushed into cracks. It can cause cupping.

You can find more details in our vacuum buying guides flooring ratings Consumer Reports’ 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. Get updates on sales, expert product reviews, shopping tips and more from Consumer Reports.

The 7 Best Hardwood Floor Vacuums Of 2021

Each of our editors tests, reviews, and makes recommendations about the top products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Although hardwood floors like the Spruce/Chloe Jeong can last for a long time, they require regular cleaning and proper maintenance. Pet hair, dust, and crumbs can all be found on hardwood floors. This includes tile, wood laminate and tile. A vacuum designed for hardwood floors is an essential cleaning tool for keeping your floors spotless and scratch-free While many vacuums have a brush roll with stiff bristles designed to work up dirt hidden deep within carpet fibers, a hardwood floor vacuum will take a softer approach. Some hardwood floor vacuums come with a brush roller that has super soft bristles. Others do not have one. You’ll also want enough suction for the vacuum to pick up dirt and dust without spreading it across a larger surface.

These top choices offer plenty of power and efficient operation.

Amazon’s Best Picks: The Shark Navigator Liftaway Pro at Amazon. This professional-grade shark vacuum collects and removes hardwood floor debris. Additionally, it has a rolling brush that can turn on carpeting.

Eufy RoboVac30C online at

This robot vacuum can roam for up to 100 minutes on bare floors, sucking up dirt and hair without any effort on your part.

Shark Rocket Corded-Stick Vacuum at Best Buy

This light pick can handle any job well.

Amazon Bissell Hard-Floor Expert Vacuum

This vacuum canister has felt tread wheels to avoid scratching your floors.

Best Hard Floor Vacuums

Hardwood Flooring: The Top Vacuums

We tested and reviewed 14 (!) To keep your floors clean and beautiful, we tested and evaluated 14 of them. A commission might be paid to us if we sell something from our affiliate links.

While vacuuming makes life so much easier, there are some things you should know about hardwood. The best vacuum for hardwood floors won’t scratch or cause damage, so we tested dozens of highly rated models and spoke to experts to recommend the most ideal for your home.

Paul Henthorn is the owner of Slaughterbeck Floors located in Campbell, California. It is best to avoid power brushes with canister vacuums. Paul states that power brushes can remove finish from floors and the wood fibers. You shouldn’t use beater bars on this floor.

This was in addition to usability. We chose cordless stick vacuums over heavy-duty corded uprights because who wants the hassle of lugging around power cords. They are great for keeping your floors clean and preventing damage to your health.

The best robotic vacuums are also included in this list. They’re lightweight enough to not damage your hardwood floors but provide an unbeatable level of convenience including mopping, vacuuming, self charging, self-emptying and other features.

Which vacuum type is best for your home?

Paul advises that the best way for hardwood flooring to be maintained is with vacuuming or sweeps. “Vacuuming works best, since dust/pathogens rise in the atmosphere, and then come back down.” That is why Diana Rodriguez-Zaba of ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba in Chicago recommends HEPA filter vacuums. HEPA filters are the best choice for hardwood floors as floors can collect dust, pollen, allergens, and more that could easily be airborne if disturbed. HEPA filters are effective in eliminating these contaminants from floors, without spreading them around the home and contaminating it.” John Milligan is R&D product development manager for N-Hance Wood Refinishing, Logan, Utah. He says that vacuums can be confusing and you need to know which kind to choose and how to use it. Robotic vacuums should be used daily. Therefore, you will want to conduct your research and find the right model for your needs.

For heavier cleaning, John recommends stick vacuums above all. John recommends stick vacuums for heavy cleaning. He says that they can be used on hardwood or carpet, and should have padding to ensure that the vacuum glides smoothly over flooring.

This article includes tips from top experts for maintaining your floor. The best hardwood floor robot and cordless stick vacuums are these.

Best Hard Floor Vacuums

Eight Hardwood Floor Vacuums That We Have Tested

Vacuum Price Type Hardwood Head Type 1. Shark – Apex

$$$$ Convertible Upright Roller + Suction 2. Dyson – V15 Detect $$$$ Cordless Stick Roller + Suction 3. Shark – Rocket HV382 $$ Corded Stick Roller + Suction 4. Kenmore – Elite $$$$ Suction 5 Dyson’s V11 Torquehead $$$$ Cordless Stickroller with Suction 6 Dyson’s V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Roller $$$ + Suction Eureka – Mighty Mite Pet Lover $ Canister Suction 8. Bissell – Zing $ Canister Suction Best corded: Shark – Apex The best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet is the innovative Shark – Apex , which uses an all-surface roller that will pick up any kind of dirt on any kind of floor. We also recommend this upright vacuum as it is the most effective at cleaning hardwoods and area rugs. Shark calls it the best corded vacuum. It will work in any home with hardwood flooring.

Shark included every function in their flagship model. The “Powered Lift Away” design makes it easier to maneuver in tight places and reduce the weight of cleaning heads. It’s heavy, but the 2-piece design makes it easy to use on stairs.

Because the Apex vacuum is multi-surface, it can be used on hardwood floors as well as pet hair. The Apex also features a Zero-M comb which prevents hair from getting caught in the rollers. Shark vacuums have a seal air path, good filters, and keep your air clean.

Although you may find these features in some vacuums, the Apex has them all in one package. This is comparable to Dyson’s most basic upright vacuum. It is quieter than most full-size uprights.

Shark’s DuoClean vacuums can pick up dirt from hardwood floors. The Apex also makes it easy to switch between different types of flooring with ease. The vacuum’s quietness and excellent air filtering make it very useful.

We found that the Apex never bogged down with any of our shags. And even then, it was just as efficient as all the competition.

This design has its downsides. It’s too heavy, at over 17 pounds. The hose is also too short to allow for lift-away mode. It would be wonderful to see the DuoClean technology and the powered lift-away mechanism on the Sharks, which are lighter and more budget-friendly. You set suction and brush roller power with a three-position thumb switch, and the area rug and bare floor settings work as intended. You don’t need to fiddle with bypass valves or carpet height switches. Just keep vacuuming.

The key takeaways from

For bigger houses with mixed flooring, the Shark – Apex is top of the food chain.

Additional Products That We Have Tested

Dyson – V11 Torque Head if you don’t want to spend a lot on the Dyson – V15 Detect, there is another cordless Dyson – V11 Torque Drive. While the V11 was an upgrade to the V10’s V10 model, the V11 Torque Head is almost identical to the V15 without the Piero Sensor and Laser Detect. The V11 has the same power as the V15, so it will make short work of vacuuming up allergens, dust mites, and debris, but you won’t know how much it’s actually grabbed from your hardwood floor. A new LCD screen replaced the V10’s. It shows you the time remaining on your battery and the type of vacuuming you have selected.

Also, the TorqueDrive head is a significant leap forward. It can detect the floor type and will automatically switch to the right mode in order to do the best job. When the foot lever is pressed, the Torque Drive gives off a surge of power that allows the vacuum to charge ahead. The power rush made vacuuming easier, but we did find it made steering the vacuum in the direction we wanted a bit of a challenge.

Although the V11 weighs a little more than the V15, it is the same weight and weight as the V15. This small weight difference was noticeable when the stick was separated and we used the vacuum handheld. It is still an option for cleaning hardwood floors. The V11 has the same price tag as the V15. But, Dyson will sell a completely refurbished V11 at a significant discount.

Dyson V8 Absolute Dyson – V8 Absolute is an award-winning stick vacuum that really turned the tide for the cordless vacuum-cleaner market. Cordless vacuums were once so heavy and noisy that they weren’t worth the effort to use on carpets. Dyson paid a lot attention to the shortcomings and designed a cordless, stick vacuum with enough power for you to seriously consider giving-up a full-size vacuum.

Even when the motorized head runs, V8 vacuums are quiet. This vacuum is one of our quietest. However, it does so by using noise baffles and not by sacrificing airflow as other quiet vacuums.

The V8’s air-filter performance is excellent. It actually collects far more dust than it spews.

The Dyson is, as you can probably guess, was one of the most expensive picks in our original testing. The Dyson has released three new models since then, making it more affordable than other cordless hardwood-friendly designs such as the Shark – ION F80. HEPA filtration is not present in the Shark. Additionally, its longer battery lifespan isn’t so bad considering that stick vacuums can be quick cleaned.

Although the V8 may be an older model but has enough power to clean hardwood floors, it is still a powerful machine. The price of the V8 at time of writing is $200 lower than the upgraded models. But, the V8 still offers great results for hardwood floor cleaning.

Canister vacuums with good floor-picking tools are great for houses with mostly unfinished floors. Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover places a powerful vacuum-type bag in a compact canister. They then add a good filter to give it more options and tools than the other lower-priced systems.

The two-mode floor-cleaning device can be used on a rug by using the bristles to retract so that it slides along your carpet pile. However, unless you have a bypass valve open for air to enter the hose, this design won’t work well on carpets of medium length. It also lacks a system to agitate or brush dirt that’s trapped below the surface.

.Best Hard Floor Vacuums
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