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Weekender Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow – Washable Cover – Standard Size

WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow – Washable Cover – Standard Size
The Weekender Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow is a soft and supportive pillow that is CertiPUR US certified and infused with temperature regulating gel. The pillow is designed to maximize air circulation and cool your body off during hot sleep conditions. The cover is removable and machine washable, making it easy to clean. The pillow is firmer than traditional down pillows and comes with a 3 year warranty.
  • Soft Yet Supportive Certipur Us Certified Memory Foam Provides Superior Pressure Relief And Comfort
  • Infused With Temperature Regulating Gel For More Comfortable Sleep Conditions
  • Ventilated Design Maximizes Air Circulation. Cooling Side Dissipates Body Heat
  • Removable Cover Is Machine Washable; Standard Size Mid Loft Pillow Measures 16 Inches By 25 Inches With A 5 Inch Loft
  • Firmer Than Traditional Down Or Down Alternative; 3 Year Warranty

Looking for a comfortable place to sleep on the weekends? Look no further than the Weekender Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow! This pillow is made from CertiPUR US certified memory foam, which provides superior pressure relief and comfort. The ventilated design maximizes air circulation, which helps to cool down during hot summer days. The cover is removable and machine washable, making it easy to keep clean. Finally, the pillow is firmer than traditional down or down alternative, making it a great choice for people who want a more supportive pillow.

Nestl Coolest Pillow Heat And Moisture Reducing Ice Silk And Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow. Adjustable, Washable – Queen – 18” X 26” – 2 Pack

Nestl Coolest Pillow Heat and Moisture Reducing Ice Silk and Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow. Adjustable, Washable – Queen – 18” X 26” – 2 Pack
CHECK THE FIT – If you fall within the following size range, we recommend you choose the standard size. If you’re between sizes, we recommend you choose the larger size. 18″ x 26″ The Nestl Coolest Pillow Heat and Moisture Reducing Ice Silk and Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow is perfect for anyone who is looking for a pillow that will help them to sleep better. The pillow is made with cooling fibers that will keep you cool throughout the night, and it is also machine washable.
  • Hey Hot Sleepers! Tired Of Flipping Your Pillow Over To The Cool Side Throughout The Night? It’S Time To Chill Out On The Coolest Pillow Out There A Pillow Designed With Cooling Fibers That Truly Keeps You Cool. Bid Farewell To Sweaty Nights Once And For All. Youll Enjoy Nothing But Peaceful Nights Ahead!
  • Designed For Breathability Nestl Cool Gel Pillow Has A Significant Effect On Regulating Head Heat And Controlling Temperature. It Continues To Regulate Your Temperature Throughout The Night Ensuring You Stay Asleep. Ideal For All Types Of Sleepers!
  • Maximum Comfort And Support! Double-Sided Pillow Featuring Cooling Ice Silk Material On One Side And Soft Bamboo Rayon On The Other Side! With Adjustable Fill. Allows You To Adjust The Pillows Height And Density By Removing Or Adding Foam Fill. This Allows You To Customize The Feel And Fit Of The Pillow To Your Specific Needs.
  • Machine Washable – The Pillow Cover Is Removable And Machine Washable Allowing You To Clean Spills And Stains.
  • Better Sleep Is Our Promise – Every Nestl Purchase Includes A 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Promise. Our #1 Goal Is To Provide You With Unparalleled Customer Service And We’Re Only Happy If Our Customers Are Happy. Shop With Confidence Because No Matter What – We’Ve Got You Covered!

Introducing the Nestl Coolest Pillow! This pillow is designed with cooling fibers that truly keeps you cool. It continues to regulate your temperature throughout the night, ensuring you stay asleep. This pillow is perfect for all types of sleepers!

Best Memory Foam Pillow

best memory foam pillow

The Pick

This pillow by Nest Bedding is our top-rated memory foam pillow. You can customize the filling to give your back or side pillows firm support.

Nest Bedding, $89 *Price at time of publication: $100

The Nest Bedding Easybreather Pillow has been our favorite memory foam pillow since 2016, and is still a favorite of testers. The Easy Breather pillow is a favorite among our testers. They prefer soft, dense, or layered foam to firm foam. The Easy Breather is the top-rated pillow in this guide, and we recommend it as a budget or upgrade option.

It is removable so that you can take out the covering and get rid of any filling. Plus, it doesn’t have the chemical smell we’ve found in other shredded-foam pillows we’ve tried. Nest Bedding offers a 30-day return policy and a two-year warranty on the Easy Breather, and although neither the return policy nor the warranty is as strong as the coverage on some of our other picks, you still get plenty of time to try the Easy Breather and decide if it’s for you.


Budget Selection

Weekender Gel Memory Foam Pilllow An economical, supportive foam rectangle. This is our favourite memory foam pillow. The pillow provided excellent neck support and shoulders without overheating, according to our test subjects.

Amazon: $22; Walmart: $41

Weekender Gel Memory Foam is our top-rated solid memory-foam pillows. We loved how cool it was to use and that it provided more support than other expensive pillows. This memory foam pillow is also among the most highly-rated, and inexpensively priced. However, its cover may feel less luxurious than that of the other options. The foam inside is much squishier than the layered TempurPedic pillows and contoured Ecosa pillows, which means your head sinks a bit (but not as much) than with down or down-alternative pillow. You might find the memory foam pillow too rigid and high-heeled, or you simply want to test a memory-foam cushion to determine if it is right for your needs. Amazon guarantees a 30 day return period for Weekender pillows.

best memory foam pillow

Choose Upgrade

Tempurpedic TempurAdaptPro + Cooling Pilllow (middensity) A premium layered foam pillow. Made with stacked layers of foam, this pillow feels luxurious and cool. There are three options for thicknesses. You can also buy it at a retail store.

$149* from Tempur-Pedic $191 Amazon It may be out of stock

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Pro + Cooling Pillow (mid-density) is made with some of the best foam we’ve tried it feels dense and luxurious. There are three sizes of the pillow. The “lo” option has two layers of memory foam, while “mid” uses two. This layer is made up of micro cushions and two sheets of memory. One, thick blocks of memory foam make up the “hi”. Testers of different body types tried the mid-density version. They slept in various positions.

The pillow was supportive for most side and back sleepers, although some found it too big. The cover’s fabric is the most high quality of any pillow. The materials are well made, taut, and a lot cooler than the rest. This pillow comes with a five-year limited warranty the longest warranty of our picks and it’s one of the few pillows we’ve tested that you can try in stores to make sure your choice fits your body before you buy. Only damaged pillows can be returned to Tempur-Pedic.

Here are 8 of the Best Memory Foam Pillows For 2020, As Rated by Bedding Experts

Rest easy on picks for back sleepers, side sleepers, and everyone in between.

You spend 8 hours a day with your head on one:

The task of finding the right pillow for you is difficult. Memory foam pillows are good for your health. Well, memory foam is a popular choice because it cradles your head and neck, giving you support, pressure relief, and sometimes even neck pain relief. All memory foam is technically made of a “viscoelastic polyurethane” material, but you’ll find plenty of varieties ranging in firmness, height, cooling factors, and other special features.

Good Housekeeping Institute’s pick for best is the Coop Home Goods adjustable pillow. It has microfiber clusters and is filled with memory foam shredding. It even comes with extra stuffing so you can adjust it to your perfect height and it comes with a 100-day trial period so you can return it if you don’t love it, but based on the thousands of five-star ratings it received, we doubt you’ll want to part with it.

Layla Pillow

SHOP NOW If you are worried that a memory foam pillow may be too rigid and cause pain to your neck, this one is the best option. It’s soft but supportive. The fill is a blend of shredded memory foam and kapok, a silky natural fiber that’s similar to cotton.

Textiles Director Lexie Sachs uses it at home and loves that the fill is adjustable and it’s not too high, because she changes sleeping positions throughout the night. Overall, this pillow was awarded the highest score by testers. All testers gave perfect scores for comfort, support, and loved the comfortable neck support. This pillow cannot be washed and may show the gray color if your pillowcase is light. It comes with free shipping. If you aren’t satisfied, you have a 120-night return policy.

Coolest Memory Foam Pillow

best memory foam pillow

Best Memory Foam Pillow accepts donations from readers. You may receive a commission if you purchase products through links in this site. Learn more about our process here Also known as viscoelastic foam, memory foam contours in response to heat and pressure. You can use the material in pillows by providing a pressure-relieving, supportive cradle.

Memory foam pillows can be solid or shredded, and many of the best pillows today feature cooling techniques to battle the heat retention that was typical of traditional memory foam. Pillows made of this moldable and highly versatile material are widely available in all budgets.

You don’t need to suffer neck pain. Here’s a guide to choosing the right memory foam pillow.

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Best Cooling Pillow Best Firm Pillows Best Soft Pillows Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that’s been treated with chemicals to give it special properties. Viscoelastic Foam is another name for it. It describes the process by which the material changes shape in response to heat, pressure, and then gradually returns to its original form once pressure is lifted.

Memory foam is popular in pillows because it molds to the head and neck, providing a supportive surface that can be shaped to the user’s liking. This close-conforming material is unrivaled in its ability to alleviate pressure points.

We will be covering the main aspects that you need to know when looking for memory foam pillows.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of A Memory Foam Pillow

Because of its incredible contouring capabilities, memory foam is one of the most popular pillow materials for support and pressure relief. However, memory foam has some drawbacks as well, the most notable of which is its tendency to trap heat. The material also has a slow response to pressure that some people like, but that can be restrictive when changing positions.

Pros Cons

Comfortable pressure relief with close conformity: Memory foam melts when exposed to heat and pressure. This molds around your body, allowing it to adapt to your specific needs and preventing pressure build-up.

Support: Memory foam stays firm where it’s not touching the head or neck. The memory foam forms a supportive base that encourages healthy spinal alignment.

Memory foam pillows are more affordable than organic or natural products, and offer luxurious comfort at a lower price.

Noise: Memory foam absorbs movement and produces little to no noise, minimizing sleep disruptions to you and your partner.

You can customize memory foam: Memory foam’s viscous texture allows manufacturers to mold it into any shape they desire. It is commonly used for orthopedic pillows.

best memory foam pillow

Fill in the Internal

Memory foam pillows can be categorized into three different types of internal fill: shredded or blended. We’ll compare each option to see how they differ in terms of their support and feel.

Shredded Memo Foam – Although they have the same moldability as solid memory foam, shredded memory foam pillows are less dense and harder than standard memory foam. A shredded memory foam fill may be the right choice for those who love a more plush feeling. Plus, shredded memory foam pillows tend to be more breathable than either blended or solid memory foam pillows.

Blended Memory foam – Sometimes, bedding companies will combine memory foam with different materials to create unique and unique combinations. For example, memory foam can be blended with down-alternatives for a fluffier vibe or with shredded latex for a little extra bounce. You might like the idea and feel less overwhelmed by memory foam’s sinkage or contouring. Blended memory foam pillows may be a great option!

One Piece of Memory Foam – These pillows are filled with one piece of memory foam. This gives them the classic memory foam feel. People who prefer to feel deeply in their pillows might like this fill. However, solid memory foam may trap body heat and make hot sleepers uncomfortable. But don’t worry there are some special cooling properties that can work to mitigate this problem. Talking of…

Cooling Properties

Memory foam, unfortunately, has the reputation of trapping body heat. Shredded memory foam is good for improving breathability but not enough to make it more comfortable for hot people. Luckily, many brands now employ special cooling properties to assuage this overheating, such as:

Cooling Gel Pads. These gel pads, which are often placed beneath the cover fabric of a pillow, act as a cushion between your memory foam and it. The cool gel pads keep the pillow feeling cool, and they are easily removable for people who wish to change the temperature.

Phase Change Fabric – The Phase Change material is an advanced, cooling textile that makes fabric feel extremely cool. Out of all the possible options, this is the one that offers the greatest cooling. You can use it to infuse the memory foam or weave into your pillow cover. This super-cool material might suit those who sleep hot.

Copper & Graphite Infusions – If you do not want a pillow with a cool touch, but still want to ensure it doesn’t trap heat heat, consider copper or graphite infusions. Copper and graphite can be infused within the cover fabric or internal fill, and can prevent your pillow from absorbing body heat. Just remember that these materials are meant to dissipate heat rather than feel cool on the skin.

What Memory Foam Pillows Are Best?

Saatva Memory Foam Pillow wins the overall award. Layla Memory Foam Pillow comes in second.

How do you choose the right memory foam pillow for me?


Our Pick

“>best memory foam pillows are of higher quality. Cheaper brands often use lower quality foam and have inferior components. Latex pillows mould to your head and neck, giving you comfort and support. Latex has an incredibly resilient texture. Mar 15, 2017.

Do Memory Foam Pillows Really Help?

A memory foam pillow provides support to your spine so that you are able to rest in the most natural position. It is comprised of seven bones which make up the neck. … Side sleepers will find the pillow to be more high under their necks than they are under their heads. April 23, 2020

Which Memory Foam Pillow In India Is the Best?

  1. AXAR ENTERPRISE Contour Memory Foam Pillow.
  2. MY AROR100% Memory Foam Pillow
  3. OCESOPH 01 Memory Foam Pillow
  4. Kariwa Cervical Memory Foam Pillow.
  5. MOJOREST Cervical Contour Memo Foam Pillow.
  6. Health Sense Soft–Spot CP30 Orthopedic Medical Memory Foam Pillow.
.Best Memory Foam Pillow
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