Best Room Planetarium Projector

Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium And Dual Projector Science Kit, Black/Blue, Age 8 And Up

Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual Projector Science Kit, Black/Blue, Age 8 and Up
The Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual Projector Science Kit is a dual function projector that brings the nighttime sky into your room. A rotating star pattern of the northern sky is projected with 24 HD space images. You can choose HD images of planets, nebulae, moons, astronauts, space crafts and other celestial bodies over 50 different image combinations. This science kit is for children 8 and up.
  • A Dual Function Planetarium Projector Brings The Nighttime Sky Into Your Room
  • A Rotating Star Pattern Of The Northern Sky Is Projected With 24 Hd Space Images
  • Choose Hd Images Of Planets Nebulae Moons Astronaut Space Craft And Other Celestial Bodies
  • Over 50 Different Image Combinations
  • Age 8 And Up

Looking for a way to explore the night sky? Check out our Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual Projector Science Kit! This kit has a dual function projector that brings the nighttime sky into your room, as well as a rotating star pattern of the northern sky projected with 24 HD space images. You can choose HD images of planets, nebulae, moons, astronaut, space craft and other celestial bodies over 50 different combinations. This kit is perfect for ages 8 and up.

Galaxy Projector Light Music Nebula Projector Mutiple Planet Star Lights For Livingroom Ceiling,Night Light Ambiance Bedroom,Valentines Day Decor,Home Planetarium

Galaxy Projector Light Music Nebula projector Mutiple Planet star Lights for LivingRoom Ceiling,Night Light Ambiance Bedroom,Valentines Day Decor,Home Planetarium
【Environmentally Friendly】No light pollution, saves energy, eco-friendly.
  • 【Fantastic Space With Starry&Cloud】There Are Breathing Star Cover The Room And 14 Cloud Colors For Choice By Remote Controlthe Planets Match With Star And Cloud Creat Fantastic Space.
  • 【Multiple Planets Projector】The Planet Projector Build-In Images Of 10 Planets In Our Solar System Mercuryvenusearthmoonmarsjupitersaturnuranusneptunepluto;You Can Switch To Different Planets By Turning The Rotary Button Manually.
  • 【Remote Control Multi Function】The Remote Can Control The Music Playled Background Colors(Cloud)Starry/Galaxy; Adjust Brightnesstimer Function For 0.5H/1H/3H/5H Freely Turn On/Off The Lamp Or Musicchoose Sleep Modeauto Modesound Modeflash Mode.
  • 【Bluetooth Stereo Speakers】Support To Connect The Projector Into Your Phone Via Bluetooth Or Insert A Mini Tf Card To Play Your Favorite Music. High-Quality Music And Planet Sky Projections Create A Romantic And Soothing Atmosphere In The Night. Adjustable Volume. Powered By Usb Type-C 5V Phone Adapter Available (Not Included).
  • 【Best Gifts For Kids 】It Creates A Wonderful And Starry Atmosphere To Help People Stimulate Their Curiosity Imagination Creativity; Suitable For Parent-Child Interaction. Perfect For Indoor Decoration As An Star Galaxy Projector Ocean Wave Projector Romantic Mood Light And Bedside Lamp.

【Easily connect to your TV】The projector can easily connect to your TV via HDMI cable. You don’t need to use a separate receiver.

Qbrand Night Light Projector- Planetarium Projector 360° Adjustable With Planets Nebulae Moon, Ceiling Projector For Room Decor (6 In 1 Planetarium)

QBrand Night Light Projector- Planetarium Projector 360° Adjustable with Planets Nebulae Moon, Ceiling Projector for Room Decor (6 in 1 Planetarium)
QBrand Night Light Projector- Planetarium Projector 360° Adjustable with Planets Nebulae Moon, Ceiling Projector for Room Decor (6 in 1 Planetarium)
  • 【6 In 1 Planetarium Projector】Qbrand Star Light Projector For Bedroom Comes With 6 Display Scenarios: ①The Moon Night Sky; ②The Deep Cloud Moose(Perfect For Christmas Lights Decorations) ③The Celestial Planet ④Milky Way Galaxy ⑤Blackbody Vortex ⑥The Solar System Taking You To Experience A Different Virtual World.Close To The Solar System The Galaxy Celestial Planets And Deep Forests Etc. Can Stimulate Childrens Imagination. (Note One Film Sheet Is Already In The Reel.)

  • 【Multiple Display Modes Optional】Support Independently Control The Movie Lights (Press The Second Button To Turn On/Off) And Side Star Lights (Press The Third Button To Turn On/Off/Switch The Light Mode) . No Noise While Working Creat A Soothing Sleep Environment. The Fourth Button Can Turn On/Off The Star Rotation And Press 2 Seconds For A Timed Shutdown (Fixed For One Hour).

  • 【Hd Galaxy Projector】 2022 New Upgrade Hd Projection. Twist The Top Screw Ring To Adjust The Focal Length To Fit The Projection Distance For Clear Imaging. Support Up To 3M Projection Distance And 40㎡ Projection Area. Perfect For Decorating Rooms. Right Rotation To Remove The Lamp Cover Stars Sprinkled Around The Room Bring A Magic Indoors Starry Light Show.

  • 【Easy To Use For Kids】Only 3 Steps To Take You Through The Planetarium Visual Experience Insert Film – Turn On Switch – Adjust Focus. Press The Third Button For Two Seconds To Adjust The Brightness (30%-70%-100%). Simple Design Perfect For Kids Using. Fun Manual Switching Of Film Sheets Helps Childrens Intellectual Development.

  • 【Cool Stuff For Kids】Made Of High-Quality Abs Material. Film Imaging Principle No Harm To Childrens Eyes. 360 ° Rotatable Body Can Project The Scene On The Ceiling Walls And Floors. Stimulate Childrens Curiosity And Imagination – Interesting Educational Gift For Kids. Also Suitable For Home Party / Home Theater / Christmas Decorations/ Room Decoration. 


Looking for a fun and educational way to add a little starlight to your home? Look no further than QBrand’s 6 in 1 planetarium projector! This projector comes with 6 different display scenarios, including the moon, deep cloud moose, celestial planet, milky way galaxy, blackbody vortex, and solar system. Additionally, the projector can be easily adjusted to fit any projection distance and area. Plus, it has an easy-to-use manual switching of film sheets for children’s intellectual development.

Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector For Children With Rotating Stars Night Sky Mode And Stationary Slides Mode With Planet, Constellation, Solar System, Nebula, Spaceship, And Star Slides

Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector for Children with Rotating Stars Night Sky Mode and Stationary Slides Mode with Planet, Constellation, Solar System, Nebula, Spaceship, and Star Slides
Are you looking for a projector that will allow your children to explore the night sky? The Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector is just what you need! This projector has a rotating stars night sky mode and a stationary slides mode, which both allow your children to see stunning images of stars, galaxies, planets, nebulas, and more. The projector also has a built-in focal ring, which allows for improved clarity in any room size. Finally, the projector is cord-free, so you can place it anywhere in your home. What’s more, it comes with 3 interchangeable discs that feature 24 stunning slides, so your children can explore space in a variety of ways.
  • Pivoting Projector Shines Starsgalaxiesplanetsnebulas Onto Ceilings & Walls
  • Motorized 360 Rotation Cycles Through Images Automatically
  • 3 Interchangeable Discs Features 24 Stunning Slides
  • Built-In Focal Ring For Improved Clarity In Any Room Size
  • Cord-Free Batteries Required (3X Aa 1.5 Alkaline Batteries)

Introducing the Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector! This amazing device shines stars, galaxies, planets, nebulas, and spaceships onto ceilings and walls in your home. It has a motorized 360 rotation cycle through images automatically, and features 3 interchangeable discs with 24 stunning slides. It’s also cord-free, so you can move it around the room without any hassle. Finally, it comes with built-in focal ring for improved clarity in any room size. So don’t miss out on this amazing projector for your child!

Best Room Planetarium Projector

Best Room Planetarium Projector

Best Home Planetariums, Star Projectors, and Planetariums of 2022

Star projectors turn any room into your own personal planetarium, making the walls into a glittering sea of stars.

The competition has ended. Standing beneath a night-sky to see the constellations is one of the greatest joys in astronomy. However, it is not always practical to go out every night to look up through a telescope. Star projectors or planetariums can be a wonderful home decoration for anyone who is an astronomer or space enthusiast. They allow you to transform any room into a beautiful night sky and give new meaning to the phrase “home observatory”.

These star projectors can show you the stars brightest in the sky. This will help you to navigate the constellations and then take you off to hunt for dark skies.

Perhaps you’re no longer able to go out and observe the stars yourself or are after a space themed gift for the kids . A relaxing light show might be what you are looking for to get you to fall asleep.

There’s a projector for every purpose.

You can create home planetariums by shining a light through the slide of a slide with a lens and focusing it on your home’s walls.

These slides mimic constellations, and they can be manually rotated to give different views.

Adjustable focus and angles can be made to suit your needs. This projector is best displayed in darkened rooms as it produces a soft lighting effect.

SEGA Toys Homestar Flux shows 60,000 stars. Also included are two discs that show constellations of Northern and Southern hemispheres. Another 30 color discs can be purchased showing the Milky Way, planets, Andromeda Galaxy, as well as the Milky Way.

The motor that rotates your view is as silent as possible. You can even use it to put you to sleep.

5th Place: In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Lighting Projector

As one of the most interesting product reviews, I have to give high marks to In My Room Star Theater Tabletop Planetarium Light Projector. It makes sky exploration more accessible to me. A smooth surface combined with the correct blackout curtains can allow me to summon the night sky from any day.

This is a great product that I recommend to any astronomy enthusiast with a limited budget. It is reasonably priced and well designed. I’ve been using this some days for a few months now and I have yet to tire of it. However, it’s not my favorite. More expensive planetariums are way better. So here you get a cheap product with a average to low quality.

shows hundreds of stars and constellations

Adjustable view, based on season, month and day

complete with a downloadable audio tour

is equipped with a meteormaker, ideal for meteor reenactment

made with durable materials

may be used with an AC adapter or battery powered.

fair price

It is not possible to use rechargeable batteries

Best Room Planetarium Projector

5. Smithsonian Projector: Best for Budget Conscious

Smithsonian Planetarium Projector This Smithsonian optics space planetarium projector works well in children’s bedrooms. The projector may not be as impressive or feature-rich as some of our top home planetariums but it is entertaining for kids. It is therefore ideal for children’s bedrooms. It projects galaxies and planets as well as blue nebula clouds, rockets, and astronauts.

When we switched it on for the first time, we observed that it is not made to project all over the room. You will need to decide where the projector should go. According to our research, it will be best to place the project over the bed. We marked an area in our laboratory to be used as a bed, and then projected the image on it. The projector projects 24 HD photos with a rotating star shape. To achieve the best projection, we had to do a little bit of work. It was amazing when we got it right. This is the best galaxy star projector you could have.

It does not have many features but the auto-shutoff timer is one of them. Each day you can show something to your child by using a different combination or pattern of images.

Our New #1 Best Choice Star Projector

Encalife Atmosphere Star Light Galaxy Projector Alexa/Google Assistant App-Controlled Projector. We think this is the best star projector ever! You want to know what makes this projector better than others?

Smart App for Voice Control. Use Bluetooth/WiFi to control your Smart App and have a great bedtime story.

Its integration control with Google Assistant or Alexa is what makes this projector truly unique. The integration controls allow you to create bedtime stories and be creative. Voice command activates the Encalife Star Projector, allowing for hands-free use. You can ask Alexa for the Galaxy Light to be turned on, and then tell your kids amazing tales of deep space adventure.

You will be amazed at the quality of this star projection. This projector is portable and can even be taken with you when on the move. The projector will make it seem like you’re floating calmly through space at night, no matter where you live. It’s also beautiful to look at the packaging and branding. It is a well made product.

The perfect choice for bedroom use, living room usage or your home theater. The stars can make it a magical place to eat dinner or even create a tranquil spa setting. You can also use it for yoga and meditation. There are many people who use the Encalife Atmosphere for lighting up their music or creating a backdrop in their game room. Encalife Atmosphere instantly transforms any room.

Multiple light effects are available with nebula backgrounds. They come in around 16.7m colours, which includes green, blue and red star systems.

Best Room Planetarium Projector

Best Star Projector (Home Planetarium Right On Your Ceiling)

Everyone who loves science fiction or astronomy would love to own a piece of the universe. No matter if it’s a poster of all the constellations, a prop from the newest movie or a model of the solar system, those things are always there to remind you of your passion.

Star projectors, also known as home planetariums or star projectors are a cool device that brings more immersion to your bedroom. These gadgets can project anything from the stars to planet bodies. They are both educational and fun.

Encalife Atmosphere has the most powerful star projector on the market and it should be your top choice, if budget permits. But, others are available that can serve different purposes and could be an even better fit for your specific needs.

If you enjoy astronomy, then a star projector will bring the night sky right into your living room.

3. Sega Homestar Original Black

The best realistic star projector

Dimensions: 6.57 x 6.26 x 5.94 inches You can project as many as 60,000 stars across any type of plain white flat surface.

Turn off the lights and be amazed by how real-looking it looks. There’s also an option to create shooting stars, which makes the night sky spin while shooting stars appear. Sega offers a double-sided poster measuring 17 x 26 inches of both the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere.

Sega Homestar Original’s most important feature has to be the interchangeable discs. These discs will enable you to change your Homestars image quickly to other astronomy objects such as the Solar System Galaxies Desappearing Continents. You can choose from more than 30 discs and all are reasonably priced.


Excellent projection quality

Has an integrated timer function

Many interchangeable media to choose

Includes two interchangeable discs

A neat bonus is the Shooting Star function.

Best Room Planetarium Projector

6. Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium

Best kids star projector

Dimensions 10x7x10inches It is simple to use, costs little, takes up very little space and can be placed anywhere you want it to.

This device is powered by regular AAA batteries, so it can be taken anywhere. It is recommended that you get rechargeable batteries to make your life easier. The device itself can project high-resolution images of everything from the night sky to different planets, moons, nebulae, and more. For even greater immersion, the night sky can rotate.

There’s also a built-in timer and auto power-off feature to help you keep those batteries lasting longer while you’re asleep or away from home. The Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium isn’t designed for adults, so it won’t be as exciting as some of the better projectors. However, children will love it and enjoy it.


Low Price Point

Can be powered by standard AAA batteries

Capable of projecting over 50 different image combinations

Very intuitive

Built In Timer with Auto-Power-Off function

7. Uncle Milton Death Star Planetarium Pro

Star Wars fan The best star projector

Dimensions are 5.5×5.5×7 inches. • Weight: 1.37lbs. There was no way to merge the Star Wars and Star Wars universes into one home planetarium, capable of projecting celestial body from either.

This star projector is a great choice if you love astronomy and Star Wars. This projector costs less than $50 and is reminiscent of the Death Star, which can be used as a decoration in any Sci-Fi room. This device can be connected to almost any place via USB power.

Or, you can choose to project 10,000 stars in our universe or Star Wars’ celestial bodies. For maximum brightness, the projectors use bright LED lights. To add more life to your projections, automatic image rotation can be used.


Great value for your money

A unique, compact design with a low weight.

Offers a look at the Earth’s night sky and the planetary bodies from Star Wars universe

Easy to plug in using the USB cable

Three replaceable discs

Best Room Planetarium Projector

Get the Best Value for Your Money

Check The Price Review Sega Toys Homestar Flux Home Planetarium Ideal for Adults Check The Price Review Star Light Galaxy Projector With Remote Control This star projector uses LED technology to project green stars among colored light waves on any surface. This device does not include interchangeable star discs or a shooting stars function. We are happy with the extra features this product offers that aren’t available on higher-end models. This device comes with a remote control allowing you to set up the projector from anywhere in the room.

Select from one of 21 colors to choose the color, brightness, speed or music and then turn the laser on/off. You can charge it via the USB port. This makes it compatible for most power banks and chargers.

Because the lamp is diffused as a cone, the projection angle of this model is very important. To illuminate the entire ceiling, it will need to be placed in the exact middle of your room.

We think this star projector is the most value for money. It’s a one-stop shop that can meet all of your needs. This device is highly recommended (more than 600 reviews). It is fairly priced and offers many extra features that aren’t usually available at that price point.

Sega Toys Homestar Flux Home Planetarium Star Projector

The simple-to-use, elegant planetarium projector has a timer that can be set to either 15, 30, or 60 minutes. It can project as many as 60,000 stars onto ceilings and walls. This is an amazing feature. Sega’s home planetarium measures only a few inches in size and is supported by a sturdy metal base.

It is very easy to transport from one room to another as it weighs only about 0.8 kg. On the back of the unit, you will find the projection disc slot as well as 4 control buttons (on/off switch, timer, motion and shooting star option) which are backlit for easy use in a dark room.

On the front of the star projector, you will find the glass lens surrounded by a ring. It is used for adjusting and controlling the focus. The unit uses a warm white LED bulb to create the perfect starry night at home. The “shooting stars” mode is our favorite. It really brings the projection of light to life, and it gives you that feeling of “cosmic”.

The star projector comes with 2 interchangeable projection discs of the northern hemisphere sky (one with constellations and one without), although there are about 30 more available for purchase if you want more.

What we think of this projector It is undoubtedly a very high-quality planetarium projector and that is reflected in the price. It’s made from durable, strong materials. Images projected on walls look sharp and crisp. It works well and is easy to use. It’s a beautiful item and a great gift for those who love space.

.Best Room Planetarium Projector
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