Best Virtual Pbx Phone Systems

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Best Virtual Pbx Phone Systems

Best Virtual Pbx Phone Systems

Here’s the Ultimate List of The Top Virtual Phone Systems for Small Businesses in 2021

Trying to find the right virtual phone system for your small business or startup? You have come to the right spot.

Here’s a complete list of cloud-based top business phone system vendors. So, if you’re looking for virtual PBX and auto attendant with great pricing, robust features, call quality, and outstanding customer support, we’re confident you’ll find a business phone service provider below that will meet your needs.

Without further ado, here’s the ultimate 2021 list of the best virtual phone systems for small business:

Name of the company: Uni. Tel Voice is an affordable cloud-based virtual telephone system, designed specifically for entrepreneurs and start-ups. When it comes to affordability, features, call quality, ease-of-use, or customer support, Uni. Tel Voice covers all bases.

Uni. Tel Voice doesn’t require any hardware or software downloads. Manage all of your cloud-based business telephone system features online. Also, you can run your business using your current phones (cell, landline, and Vo. IP, or smartphone app).

Uni. Tel Voice simplifies and takes the best features of top-of-the-line auto attendant telephone systems. Uni. is for everyone, regardless of whether you are a busy small-business owner or a startup founder. Tel Voice is a professionally managed virtual PBX which you can quickly set up and manage. It doesn’t require any technical know-how or an instruction manual.

The Uni. Tel Voice app for mobile lets you add your business number as an additional line to your mobile phone. It turns your mobile device into your office telephone when on-the-go.


Read Our Line2 Review Voice over IP (Vo. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, IP has dominated the market for small and medium-sized businesses. Because they are mostly software-based, they can be much more cost effective than an onpremises PBX. An old-fashioned PBX is incapable of doing anything that a Vo can. There are many options for Vo. IP that just aren’t possible using on-premises hardware.

Vo. IP systems, sometimes called cloud PBXes, can manage all your voice communications from a central web console no matter how many extensions you’ve got, where your employees are located, or even what devices they’re using. Many systems offer video conferencing and team collaboration features. Add all this to a subscription-based pricing model that can often be cheaper than an older-fashioned on-premises telephone system. IP continues to be one of best investments for communications, particularly during the current pandemic.

COVID-19 will not last forever. Hybrid work may not suit your company. So keep in mind the core Vo. It is essential to consider IP criteria. Once employees start to return to the office, this means they can communicate by voice. Vo. VoIP systems can also be used to support call centers for customer service and sales.

On top of that, they’re often expected to provide more advanced functionality through software, like shared meeting collaboration, voicemail to email transcription, and call recording. And lest we forget, many businesses still need a service that will connect to the public switched telephone network Because they’re working across such a broad array of features and channels, many of today’s phone systems are adopting the moniker of Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaa. S). These are generally cloud-based, virtual PBXes (private branch exchanges) that include at least one (usually multiple) software clients to enhance their functionality on the web, desktop, and especially mobile devices. Even residential Vo. There are many features in IP systems that cannot be found on a standard telephone system.

Best Virtual Pbx Phone Systems

Pbx Phone Systems – How Does It Work

PBX systems route your company calls from your PBX through landlines (or the internet with Vo. IP) to another business PBX. The call then goes to the extension or specific line.

Vo. IP technology, calls were routed by actual humans (switchboard operators) who’d physically wire a connection to the appropriate extension. This entire process has been automated. This is how it works.

Configuring your phone system’s settings will allow you to control the way calls are handled. This allows you to decide how inbound calls will be handled.

Vo hosts today’s most advanced PBX systems. Ring, an IP provider, is one example. Central Nextiva These platforms are able to host the PBX on their own servers. You don’t even need on-premise software. You simply sign up, download the necessary apps, and can get started with your business PBX system. Hosted PBX systems are popular with businesses of all sizes, from small startups to call center teams with high monthly call volumes.

You’ll need a fast, reliable network connection to use internet-based PBX services. Try our Vo. Use our IP speed test to find out if your internet bandwidth is sufficient for virtual phone services.

Types Of Pbx Systems

There are four kinds of PBX systems available for businesses. Traditional landline systems use hardware-heavy landline PBX boxes, while internet-based systems employ IP, hosted, or virtual PBX systems.


No quick internet required Expensive

It works independently from the power grid.

Time-tested reliability Without advanced features

Traditional PBX systems consist of old physical hardware boxes which are maintained and installed within your office. The box connects to your company’s phone line. Calls will be routed to your desks via voice menu and extension.

Setup costs can be as high as $1,000, but the price can go up further depending on your provider. Many small business and large companies choose to have an internet-based phone system in order to benefit from the many features and save money. For companies that are already using expensive landline technology, and for those who do not have high-speed Internet connections, a traditional phone system might be the best option.

Best Virtual Pbx Phone Systems

How to Pick the Perfect Virtual Pbx Telephone System

Review of a selection of Virtual PBX phones systems has been provided to you so you can make an informed choice. It is important to think about how many numbers you will require and how many employees, as well the type of support that you would like. Many of these services will assist you in setting up the phone system. You don’t even need to be an IT expert to do it right. delivers a single, highly-effective virtual PBX. The service is very popular for its ability to work with smartphones and landlines at home as well. You can customize the package to suit your individual needs. The service is affordable and easy to set up online, making it a great choice for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises. Grasshopper has one of the best services.

Ring. Central offers an incredible array of options and pricing and you’ll likely be able to find a package that perfectly fits your needs. Thanks to its additional plans and features, the system works great for both small businesses and large companies. The company has a very popular customer service department and its system rarely has any snags or downtime. This service is ideal for smaller offices, as it integrates with business software. offers a solid service that is suitable for many user types. This includes small businesses and road warriors, as well as those who need to store their data. There are many features available and a variety of pricing options to suit any budget. Although the base costs are very low, mobile support is excellent and you’ll need to pay extra for some features. Mobile users may find this the most appealing option.

4. e. Voice

e. Voice is a new platform designed to grow businesses. You can access a variety of its services. The best option is for people who do not solely rely on their phones for business. Some customers complain about service interruptions. Although e. Voice’s extras are the biggest benefit, they can get expensive for larger groups.

Virtual. PBX was the first company to provide this virtual PBX platform. You get a lot of control over your features and call routing, with a good backup of customer service and packages. This mid-tier platform is great for small businesses that don’t need a lot of call volume. Here’s where you might end your search if you don’t want to compare mainly on price, but are looking for reliable service.

.Best Virtual Pbx Phone Systems
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