Best Dome Lids For Woks

Winco Wkcs-14 Stainless Steel Wok Cover, 13-3/4-Inch

Winco WKCS-14 Stainless Steel Wok Cover, 13-3/4-Inch
The 13-3/4-inch round dome stainless steel Wok Cover from Winco is a great addition to your kitchen. Made from stainless steel construction, this cover is black in color and features a plastic handle top. The exterior is mirror finish and dishwasher safe.
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Black Plastic Handle Top
  • 13.75-Inch Round Dome
  • Mirror Finish Exterior
  • Dishwasher Safe

Looking for a stylish and durable wok cover? Look no further than the Winco WKCS-14 Stainless Steel Wok Cover. This cover is made from stainless steel construction and features a black plastic handle top. The mirror finish exterior will look great in any kitchen, and the dishwasher safe design means that you can keep your wok clean and looking great. Don’t wait any longer, order your Winco WKCS-14 Stainless Steel Wok Cover today!

Best Dome Lids For Woks

According to Cookware and Chef Experts: The Best Woks

Vox Media might earn commissions if you purchase something through an Eater link. Check out our ethics policy. The wok may seem like an incredibly specialized piece of cooking hardware good for stir-fries and not much else, right? And while it is indeed very good for stir-frying, woks can be used to steam fish, boil a stew, or even make popcorn for movie night. It can cook large quantities of vegetables and meat in no time at all, even with high heat. We had this in mind when we reached out and asked chefs and cooking experts Grace Young for their top picks for any type of dish. Young says that there are many options for woks. They can be cast iron, cast iron, anodized aluminium, stainless steel and nonstick. She says that she likes carbon steel as it sears the ingredients perfectly and imparts to stir-fries the mysterious, smoky essence valued by Chinese gourmands. If you’re serious about woks but not enough to modify your stovetop what you need is a flat-bottomed wok. “The flat-bottomed wok, introduced by Joyce Chen, allowed woks to be used on any stove and made stir-fry a far more common dish in American households,” says Taylor Erkkinen, co-owner of The Brooklyn Kitchen cooking school. “I use an electric stove now, so having a flat bottomed wok in direct contact makes perfect sense.” It is made from carbon steel and heats (and cools) extremely quickly. If you want use your wok for making a stew or homemade popcorn, you’ll need a good lid. Young suggests the use of domed lids, which divert most condensation from the food. They are available at San Francisco’s Wok Shop. This is the place to go for wok shopping. Young says Tane Chan, Tane’s owner is the greatest expert in selling woks worldwide. Young says that Tane Chan has been able to access her shop seven days per week during the pandemic and she continues shipping woks, accessories, and woks. A good quality frying pan is essential if you don’t have enough space to make a wok. Junzi Kitchen’s Lucas Sin stands behind Made In’s carbon-steel pan. Flat bottoms allow me to achieve the highest heat for stir-fries. “High walls mean that the same pan can be used for braising, steaming, boiling. Because woks can be made out of carbon steel, it’s the most preferred material. The 10-inch, carbon-steel skillet is my favorite at home. It cooks comfortably for 2 people.


.Best Dome Lids For Woks