Lectric Xp Review

Lectric Xp Review

lectric xp review

Ride Experience

20-inch fatbike wheels are my favourite. The wheels have a large enough diameter for great torque but a narrow enough width that you can bounce on any surface. With low enough pressure, they almost make up for the lack of suspension in the Lectric XP.

When you’re riding over sand, grass, dirt, and tree roots, you’ll want to rise up out of the saddle anyways, but those big tires help absorb the bumps and are simply a hoot for tearing it up on unforgiving terrain.

Although the Lectric XP can be fun on-road, the majority of people will actually use the Lectric XP more for their everyday commutes. The Lectric XP is a great e-bike to use as a commuter, or as an RV-folding e-bike to get around town and campsite. Because of the adjustable handlebars/seat, this bike is very comfortable. It can accommodate a wide range of sizes.

This bike has a lot more quality than you’d think for its price at $879. It has full metal pedals. They have locking folding mechanism, custom-designed lights and metal fenders. A rear rack comes with the bike that feels really solid. All these components would be found on bikes over $1,000.

We’ve reviewed plenty of budget e-bikes that cost nearly this much, yet featured no-name bike components and offered half the power of the Lectric XP.

One thing that the LectricXP needs to improve upon is its battery capacity. Though 500 Wh is a decent amount of power, due to the fact that fat tires consume more energy and keep riders on the bike for longer times, I would prefer 600 to 700 Wh. With frame-enclosed batteries such the LectricXP battery, you have limits on how many cells you can pack in. An ugly and bulky battery not being attached to the frame could be enough for me to forget about the need for a bigger one.

Lectric XP is a speed machine that employs an innovative strategy. It is a 20 mph (32km/h) electric-bike. The ebike is legally legal everywhere that Class II speeds are not allowed. If they wish, however, the riders can access the bike’s computer through the handlebar display to set the speed limit for up to 28mph (45km/h). And of course those riders become responsible for ensuring they are riding in areas where such speeds are legal, and doing so responsibly.

lectric xp review


Look, this is the real deal: The Lectric XP is simply a fun and affordable e-bike. It’s not the sexiest or the flashiest or the most ruggedized. But it’s comfortable, works well, and you could buy two of them for less than the cost of one bike from some of the competition . So you and your partner can share the bike together.

The LectricXP is a great ebike for those who want to travel on varied terrains and are looking for an affordable option.

You must hurry if your goal is to grab the $879 Lectric XP Deal. Though to be perfectly honest, the bike is worth every penny at its full $1,099 MSRP.

Do you like the Lectric XP or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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lectric xp review

Lectric Xp 2.0 Review

Lectric XP 2.0, the Lectric eBikes product, was born in Phoenix, Arizona by Levi Conlow, and Robby deziel, who were lifelong friends. They wanted to make an affordable electric bike available to everyone.

The Lectric XP was their first bike. They won awards for their innovative folding design, and received positive reviews about the Lectric XP bikes.

Electric Bike Reviews Top Choice Awards named Lectric’s XP Best Folding Electric Fat Tire Bike in 2020.

In addition to selling affordable and high-quality e-bikes, the brand focuses on customer service as one of its main priorities. Their entire staff is located in the United States and offers free shipping anywhere within the United States.

lectric xp review

2. Lectric Xp 2.0 Review

American brand Lectric XP 2.0 marks the second iteration their iconic bike.

The XP 1.0 used a fat tire folding electric bike. Now, it’s a small and portable version of the bike. The 2.0 is perfect for urban riders, commuters, or those who need to be space conscious when storing their bikes. Lectric eBike reviews are positive and show how it handles considering its price.

You get a 500W rear motor and five levels of assistance. The maximum speed is either 20 mph or 28 mph depending on your class. The lightweight design makes it easy to fold and can be stored in an office or apartment.

It has two versions for its 2.0 model. Two versions of its 2.0 model are now available: the XP2.0 Black with a’regular” frame as well as a step through frame. These frames come in black and white. These bikes will be available for around $1000, keeping true to the brand promise that they are affordable.

Let’s take a look at the Lectric XP 2.0 tech details below.

lectric xp review

The Bike

Lectric’s XP 2.0 introduced a whole new category of fat tire folding electric bikes. Their large frame and robust tires made for an extremely comfortable, solid package. This new model features slightly smaller tires. The original 20″ x 4″ tires were replaced by a pair of 20’x3” CST tires. They have a more manageable tread profile and a 20×3” size.

They are compatible with the new front suspension, making them extremely comfortable. However, their small diameter and lighter weight mean that the bike is easier to handle than before. Lectric eBikes’ smaller tires allowed them to shrink their packaging footprint and ship more frequently.

With a folded size of 67 x 18×47 inches, the wider handlebars on top feel more natural. The XP comes with an integrated vertical adjuster on the handlebars that, in conjunction with the enormous vertical height adjustment of the seat, make it fast and simple to set the bike up for a broad range of riders.

While technically a folding bike, its 63-pound weight makes it a bit of an awkward blob of a beast to handle when folded. You can store it in an RV lockbox or garage shelf, but you shouldn’t plan on using the folded version to transport to the beach. The folding handlebars are a bit more practical and make it easy to reduce the overall footprint of the bike for an easier fit into the back of the car. After attempting to fit the fully folded bike into the trunk of my Tesla Model 3, I found the handlebar-down bike much easier to manage and quickly had it stowed in the car (seats down).

There are options out back for maximizing the performance of the bike, including a derailleur and 7-speed cassette. Lectric XP2.0 is a great bike to enjoy around town. To climb up the highest sections of our route, we crank up power up to 500 watts from the rear hub motor. Peak power kicks up to 800 Watts.

Although the 9.6 Ah battery is smaller than other electric bikes, it contributes to the bike’s lower cost. The bike may have the potential to provide 45 miles worth of range if you cruise around the flattest places of town using assist level 1. However, the more exciting way to go is to get your motor revved up and start ripping around. Lectric has additional battery packs available for purchase at a reasonable $299.

The display on the XP 2.0 is the same gray-scale display found on the original and continues to be extremely easy to read in all types of lighting conditions.

lectric xp review


Lectric eBikes offer a high level of performance right out of box. Lectric also introduces a broad range of accessories for their vehicles with version 2.o. The XP2.0 is now a sports utility vehicle that can fit on either the front or rear racks.

Lectric’s CargoPack was sent with the bike we reviewed and we quickly used it. You can use the smaller front basket to carry a small bag, such as groceries or a jacket. You can store a number of grocery bags or other similar cargo in the large basket that we attached to the rear rack. Lectric eBikes XP2.0 has a weight capacity of 330 lbs. It is a true workhorse, and it can handle almost anything you throw at them.

A new suspension seatpost and ultra plush saddle take comfort to the next level with recliner-like comfort. We had the opportunity to try the “Comfort Pack” out on the Lectric XP 2.0 Step-Thru prototype just before its release and found it to be extremely comfortable.

When possible, I prefer to use a suspension saddle and seat post on my ebikes. A tip is to verify the diameter of the original seat post before you order a replacement, even if it comes directly from Lectric. Lectric makes it easy to find the perfect gear in bundles or accessories.

Lectric’s eBikes XP2.0 brings an incredible amount of value and a cost that is unbeatable. The fact that it comes with fenders, a rear rack, and front suspension on a frame that can carry up to 330 pounds is mind-boggling. The XP2.0’s new features as well the optional accessories will allow it to remain in the homes of thousands around the world.

It is an affordable starter bike that’s a good choice. The versatility and options of the accessories make it adaptable to any task you may need. To find all of the information from the manufacturer, or to order one immediately, go to the official online site.

All images credit: Kyle Field, CleanTechnica

lectric xp review

Lectric Xp Review – 28MPH Fat Tire Ebike

This is the Tech We Love Follow * 5 Minute Read Today, we review the LectricXP motorcycle. This electric fat tire bike has a speed of 28mph. The range is up to 25-50miles. There are both throttle acceleration and pedal assist. It features a folding mechanism for storage along with a removable battery for swapping and indoor charging.

Lectric sent us a brandnew XP, so that we could review it and give it a test. Keep in mind we’re not paid or sponsored by Lectric to make this review. However we do make a small commission if you buy using our link. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Lectric XP will be $200 off. A coupon code will get you a free rack bag!

The XP weighs in at 60 lbs and comes in a large box. You will find the bicycle folded in half and almost assembled inside. In the box are the manual, charger, and several tools. Just attach the handlebar, seat, and tires, then you are ready to ride.

A closer inspection of the components shows that the bike has a Shimano 7-speed freewheel and a thumb shifter on its right handlebar, so it can be changed between gears. A LCD LCD monitor in the middle shows battery level. Current speed. Pedal assist level. Trip distance. You can activate 5 levels in the Pedal Aid system.

lectric xp review

Lectric Xp2 Bike – In Depth Review

Lectric has a wide range of modern bicycles that can be used for many purposes. The Lectric XP 2 will definitely stand out.

You can ride it at higher speeds because of its durability but you still have enough control to get around the streets, in traffic and on parking lots. The powerful brakes and the possibility to choose between two frame models – the regular Lectric XP 2 step-through Lectric XP 2 – are only adding to the quality of this bike.

It has even more storage and cargo options, which makes this model an example of a formula that Lectric has perfected.

Lectric XP 2 costs less than others but is a good choice.

This is an overview of some of the key features. Still, stick around and read the whole Lectric XP 2 review to get a full picture and find out all that you can expect if you get this bike.

What is The Lectric Xp Worth?

Power. Lectric XP is a small, powerful motorcycle that looks remarkably like The Little Engine That Could. The 500W (800W peak) motor feels torque-y and robust, and this bike accelerates quickly and holds its speed well using the throttle, and has no problem hitting its top speed of 20mph (or 28 mph) when using pedal assist.May 19, 2021

Lectric Xp – How long does it last?

Good 20-mile-plus battery range. You get accessories like rear and front lights, racks, and racks. It can fold, has a removable battery, and arrives fully assembled. You can manually bump the maximum speed up to 28 mph (Class 3).Feb 24, 2021

How are Lectric Bikes made?

Lectric eBikes were made in Asia and are assembled in the USA.

Is LectricXp equipped with suspension?

Diameter of XP 2.0 Suspension Seat Post 1 1/4” (31.8mm)…. XP step-Thru2.0 Suspension Seat Post 1 1/4” (31.8mm). Suspension is 40mm in travel. Constructed to support riders up the 220 lb mark.

.Lectric Xp Review