Magic Spoon Review

Magic Spoon Review

magic spoon review

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magic spoon review

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Cereal and milk is an iconic breakfast food. Each day before I went to school, I would have Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, and other types of kid’s cereal.

Now that I’m older, some of the sugar in cereal for children gives me headaches. I also like to eat something more protein-heavy to keep me satisfied until lunch or snack time.

Magic Spoon came to my attention when I was looking for a high-protein, low-fat, healthy, kid-friendly cereal. It’s still quite expensive compared to other kids’ cereals. A pack of four cartons costs 40 dollars, or $1.39 per bowl.

Magic Spoon’s pretty packaging and 100 percent happiness guarantee convinced me to order the Variety Pack. I received four flavor options: cinnamon, fruity, chocolate, and cocoa. This review will discuss each flavor in detail, as well as how they are paired with milk. Finally, I’ll give an overview of my experiences.

Although it sounds simple, vanilla is one of my all-time favorite flavors, so I was very excited to experience the frosted version. This flavor tasted a lot like vanilla, specifically like vanilla protein powder, but lacked the sweetness that you would expect a frosted cereal to have. However, after only a few mouthfuls of the cereal, the flavor quickly became nauseating. Even though the box claims there is no artificial ingredient in the cereals, the added monk fruit extract as well as stevia to make it taste unappetizing create a very distinct flavor. The flavors of these sugar alternatives are especially noticeable in the aftertaste.

After a couple of chews, it became sticky and clumpy. With milk, it tasted a lot better, but the texture problem still remained.

magic spoon review

Magic Spoon Cereal was $39 Worth of My Money The Cost Was Worth it?

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My honest opinion on Magic Spoon cereal.

It’s super tasty and totally keto-friendly, so I wanted to share a savings method!

Magic Spoon Cereal? If not, you’re about to be shocked by this keto-friendly and healthy breakfast in a container! Forbes describes it as the breakfast of tomorrow. We all know that cereal has a lot of sugar and carbohydrates. It’s no wonder it became the breakfast choice for so many. Magic Spoon, however, did something to change that and developed a low carb cereal. It has no sugar and is packed full of protein.

magic spoon review

Magic Spoon Cereal Review

Written by Sophie Diego. We are independent supporters of our readers. If you purchase through our links, we might earn a commission.

Magic Spoon Magic Spoon offers healthy alternatives to traditional, often sweetened cereals. Magic Spoon, a new cereal brand that targets adults, has received a lot of attention for its innovative idea. Fast Company states that Magic Spoon “is an adult version” of the cereals you loved as children. They have been featured on Delish and CNN. Magic Spoon stands out amongst the many cereal companies like Lucky Charms (Fruit Loops), Cocoa Pebbles (Cocoa Pebbles), and Lucky Charms (Cocoa Pebbles).

Continue reading to learn more about Magic Spoon and its products. We will also discuss customer reviews, promotional offers, and other details that can help you determine if these products are worthwhile.

Magic Spoon Overview. It started with a bowl cereal. More specifically, Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz, grew up eating cereal for breakfast every morning.

These brands were often the ones that gave you that sugary taste, and that inevitably lead to an afternoon crash. The unhealthy breakfast cereals they loved prevented them working productively.

The two friends searched for healthier alternatives to their sugary favorites but ended up with nothing. Greg and Gabi discovered quickly that the average American eats 100 cups of cereal each year.

Almost all of the options on the market had no nutritional value. Their decision was made to act. Gabi and Greg sought to create the ultimate cereal that still held that sugary nostalgic factor but with fewer carbs.

magic spoon review

Review: Magic Spoon is a Low Carb Cereal That Makes Breakfast More Fun

Magic Spoon is keto and low-carb friendly.

The products we review are provided by Magic Spoon. However, commissions may be earned if you purchase via our links. You can read our disclosure. Magic Spoon in Brooklyn has seen the importance of growing up. You have to pay bills, you have to go to work, you have to go to the gym, and you don’t get to eat heaping bowls of refined carbohydrates for breakfast anymore.

Until now.

Magic Spoon might not contain refined carbohydrates but the food experience is quite close. A crunchy, “cereal” with high levels of protein and low amounts carbs that are free from wheat, gluten and cane sugar is Magic Spoon.

The marketing makes it clear that they’re not only selling a macro-friendly breakfast that can fit into just about any diet, they’re selling an idea: nostalgia. Childhood. Fun. The boxes are decorated with colorful characters like cowboys riding dragons, and slogans like “Hold Onto the Dream,” “Why Did We Grow Up, But Our Cereal Didn’t?” and “The Childlike Cereal for Grown-Ups.” Magic Spoon promises that this isn’t just a tasty health food, it’s also a guilt-free way to relive the good old days.

This cereal is available in four flavours: Fruity, Frosted (Cinnamon), Cocoa and Fruity. Here are our findings.

Cereal with low carbs and high protein.

magic spoon review

Magic Spoon Cereal is Worth It?

You breakfast lovers are out there! This post is a continuation of a blog post I wrote about the French breakfast. Dear North American cereal fans, let me introduce you to the greatest cereal. Magic Spoon cereal, which is low in carbs and high protein, has no artificial additives, is called Magic Spoon. The podcast I heard it about last year was amazing. Let’s take a look at Magic Spoon cereal. Here are my top picks and some of the best pros and cons to this popular cereal. Get $5 discount with the Magic Spoon code OUIINFRANCE

Today, cereal is a favorite of mine. However, as a kid I didn’t consume much cereal. Because my parents never bought sugary varieties, cereal was not something I ever ate. As an adult, I still love regular Cheerios and Kashi. But Magic Spoon is a new favorite of mine. One flavor stands out in my rotation: Magic Spoon. But, we’ll get there.

magic spoon review

What Is The Best Magic Spoon Flavor Flavor

Fruity. Hands down. Even though I was assuming that peanut butter or cinnamon would be my favorite Magic Spoon flavors, I was surprised at how surprising it turned out to be. The fruity taste is exactly the same as what Froot Loops used to be. They don’t taste artificial or sweet. A solid and flavorful cereal, that is fruity.

Here’s how I rank the Magic Spoon flavors from best to worst for my personal tastes:

Cocoa (Frozen), Peanut Butter, Cocoa (Cinnamon), Peanut Butter, Cocoa (Peanut Butter), Cocoa NOTE: Some flavor may have an aftertaste if you’re not used to eating protein powdered foods. Frosted was the most delicious flavor. It smelled a bit sickly sweet out of the box and the aftertaste wasn’t great, like some protein bars or protein shakes. Frosted, my father’s favourite flavor is available in a variety of flavors. You may need to use different types of milk. This is why I wrote my Magic Spoon review.

Is Magic Spoon Really Worth It?

Our Final Opinion. Magic Spoon is a strong contender in keto cereal. This cereal is low in net carbohydrates, high in protein, and contains no artificial ingredients. It is one of the most healthful we have ever seen. And with iconic flavors like Cinnamon and Blueberry, it sure is delicious.Jul 1, 2021

Are Magic Spoons Bad for You?

Packaged in technicolor cartoon boxes, Magic Spoon bills itself as a “healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true.” They hang that health hat on the fact the cereal has a great deal of protein — 12 grams per 3/4 cup serving — along with 110 calories and just 3 grams of net carbs.May 30, 2019

Magic Spoon: Is it too costly?

You can, but it isn’t the price. Magic Spoon is only available in 4-packs, which cost $40. A 7 oz. Magic Spoon costs ten dollars. box of cereal.Jun 12, 2019

Magic Spoon is good tasting

Back to Magic Spoon. “It’s not quite so sweet, but it certainly has the Froot Loop flavor,” one YouTube reviewer commented, appearing genuinely surprised. May 12, 2020

.Magic Spoon Review