Parade Underwear Review

Parade Underwear Review

parade underwear review

Overall Thoughts

Grade: A for people who do not like to wedgies. This is because the fit of these dogs isn’t for me. It’s a shame, as I absolutely love what they do.

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The first time I started this project I used Instagram to ask for your suggestions of the best underwear. ARQ is one of my most beloved and favorite underwears. It’s well worth the high price. So, naturally I needed to order a few pairs and work on an ARQ review! It’s been a while since I last shared my review. Let’s dig in!

Knickey Underwear Review

, a brand that’s been frequently requested for this project of mine. They offered to send me underwear to test, and I purchased several of them. My reviews were not always glowing, and I told them that. It still feels strange that I was given a product free of charge for the series. I don’t know if this will change. As usual, I always disclose when I am given product upfront and I will continue doing so. With that settled, let’s dig into my Knickey underwear review!

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parade underwear review

What The Underwear Is Like In Person

We are enamored with how comfortable and flexible the thong feels.

The brand sent the Reviews team a few pairs of underwear to test out, and the Parade Thong has become my default favorite for workouts. This is due to the fact that the soft, Spandex-like fabric is noticeably moisture-wicking. It also keeps you cool and doesn’t move while you work out. These socks make it so I can forget they are there even when I do a 45 minute exercise in which the socks could be irritating me. This makes it ideal for daily wear and HIIT classes. However, because of their slightly higher seams you are able see through the thong sections when wearing tight or thin leggings.

The pair is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to wear. The pair’s fit, quality, versatility, cost, and affordability make them an excellent choice.

parade underwear review

The Bottom Line

At $8, I’d buy another pair without regrets and I’ve since recommended the brand to friends and family.

Parade’s affordable underwear comes in fun colors in a variety of sizes. We also appreciate the fact that Parade feels authentic and positively focuses on sustainable materials.

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parade underwear review

Parade Underwear Review – Unsponsored, Independent and Unbiased

Hello all.

More tiddy than we usually see around these parts, eh? My Instagram followers know that I started this year interested in purchasing new underwear. This gave me the opportunity to review brands who market themselves as being “sustainable” or simply cater to my sustainable clientele. I asked on socials what brands people were interested in seeing and took note but Parade was one of those ones that kept popping up on my own Instagram ads and it really appealed to my personal desires in undergarments so I went ahead and taught them out for my first review.

Let me start with Parade : Parade markets themselves as a size-inclusive, economically accessible, and earth-friendly brand of underwear for the hip and colorful folks out there. Their size range goes from xs to 3x, which to most of us seems pretty inclusive but personally I see room for growth there. They are obviously interested in inclusivity, which I find very encouraging. But in 2020, having a limit of 3x on your size would earn you a grade B+ for the plus-size state exam. It is good to see that they are looking at expanding their size range.

As for their sustainability, I’m not actively impressed or disappointed. Their claims on the mission statement page of their website read as follows:

“For too long, underwear companies have ignored their responsibility to the planet, and we’re leading a revolution into a safer future.

Replay, our main fabric, is made out of 85% recycled Polyamide. Our materials are Oeko-Tex Certified, meaning that they have no harmful chemicals to pollute the environment and your skin. “Our packaging is recyclable.” We are proud of it. As a sustainability-minded company, they are more likely to use recycled or eco-friendly materials to create their products. I also notice that the labor used to produce them tends to be paid a living or made in America. This leans toward the latter and their site didn’t provide much information about labor or production. They responded to my email, so I messaged them on Instagram.

This is why I find it less thrilling that they don’t respond or take responsibility. Spoiler alert: I really adore parade’s products but I’m definitely a bit weary with their inability to answer this simple question. The reviews do not say whether or not you should purchase a company product. However, they will provide all information I have as a customer as well as the research I did to help you make informed choices. Use this information as you wish.

parade underwear review


About Parade Parade makes underwear that is both stylish and sexy. Their underwear is designed to fit all body types and comes in unique colors and patterns. Their products are tested on a range of bodies to ensure they help make the wearer feel confident and comfortable in their choice of underwear.

The brand has been featured in Teen Vogue, Pop Sugar, Business Insider, The Cut, and CNN and has a hefty 143K followers on their Parade underwear Instagram. Parade recently partnered up with Juicy Couture to design undies as well!

Parade has a review of underwear that will detail some of their best-sellers, the customer’s experience with it, as well answer any questions you may have about the brand. This should help you make a decision on whether or not their underwear suits you.

parade underwear review


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Some customers experienced a lack of customer service Pros and Cons

Parade is known for its playful design approach, which this Parade Underwear Review loves. Their underwear packs, makeup, and clothing all have a nostalgic 80’s/90’s aesthetic and come in a range of styles for the wearer’s preference.

Parade Underwear Review will show you the intricacies of its underwear, and their subwear packs.

EXPLORE Parade Underwear

parade underwear review

Parade Re:Play Thong

Parade Re-Play Thong Attention thong shopper all over the world Teen Vogue suggests that the Re:Play Thong, the most “comfy thong”, is on the market. This Parade Underwear Review can’t help but be excited by statements such as these. The style also comes in 12 colors, allowing you to customize your undie look however you want.

If you’re a thong-lover, then you’ve probably worn your fair share of uncomfortable g-strings over the years. You might find it difficult to find a perfect thong so we recommend you continue reading.

Re:Play fabrics are used in the Parade Thong. You may be wondering what this amazing fabric is. It’s made of the most softest, recycled yarn available.

What is a thong good for, if not to make your butt look great in yoga pants? It’s interesting to note that the fabric was designed by ex-Lululemon products experts. This could be a sign that you like their famous luon fabric.

You’ll forget that you are wearing a thong because of its fabric. This should be the main function of any underwear.

More specs on the fabric include that it’s made from 85% recycled nylon, and 15% spandex, and has a lightweight and buttery feel. Re:Play Thongs come in a mid-rise, but stretch up to 2X their size.

SHOP Re:Play Thong

parade underwear review

Parade Re:Play Brief

Parade Re:Play Brief You can’t beat a classic. At a younger age, it’s all about the crazy, lacy, and racy panties. As we age, however, we learn to value a pair of comfy briefs.

Parade has a great underwear review. They take a timeless style, but give it an extra flair. This pair is fully covered, but it has light coverage that’s great to wear under your pants or for sleeping.

These undies feel special, according to the Parade Underwear Review. They make you feel great when you put them on.

This super stretchy short has a mid-rise cut and is made from Replay fabric which is 85% spandex and 85% recycled nylon. This $9 option is available in 13 pretty colors, too!

Resolved:Play Quick

parade underwear review

Let’s get to the bottom of Parade’s Sizing and Fit.

Parade underwear comes in sizes up to a 3X for me. After mixing in a pair of Parade boyshorts Parade brief to my weekly rotation, I’m also glad to report that the fit doesn’t dig into your skin. FreeStretch waistbands are made with sports-inspired performance stretch to be more comfortably on a larger range of body shapes.

Parade sizes were true to size.

My only complaint is that the Parade Underwear’s high waisted design does not fit well. However, the cut itself feels so soft and comfortable. The fabric also doesn’t show any noticeable panty lines. My 3X size is slightly larger than I was, and the waistline of my shorts does roll down. Although it does not dig it is not annoying.

There is still room for improvement in expanding the size of Parade to incorporate more plus-size women. Tell Parade if they don’t have your size. You can find this information directly at Parade’s FAQs. Send us an email at, with the subject “ExpandedSizing” and you will be able to test them. Use my link and discount code: HereGoesGabbi to get a deal: Buy 2 pairs, get the 3rd free.

The following is my Parade plus size underwear review. In the end, I was very pleased with Parade’s men’s and women’s shorts. They are perfect for lounging in bed on lazy Saturday mornings. It is soft and very comfortable. The only set of underwear I own makes it feel almost like no underwear. They should expand their size range so that more women can use them.

Have you tried Parade underwear? Would you like to share your Parade Underwear Review? Leave a comment with your thoughts! Parade underwear you can also order! Use my discount code HereGoesGabbi to get two pairs for free.

There is no next time.

parade underwear review

The Search For The Best Bottomwear

NOTE: To give my blog readers more clothing options, I often try on different styles that I can afford to keep and buy. As much as I can, I keep track of the products I have purchased. Items with “Buy” ratings may not belong to me. A clothing item with a “Buy” rating means that it meets my requirements for fit. This blog post has “affiliate hyperlinks” (i.e. A link that has a unique tracking code. If you purchase something via “affiliate links” on my blog, I may earn commission.

(AD) I am wearing the Seamless Lounger bra from Third Love in this photograph. It was #gifted to me in exchange for writing a review. The Parade Brief is also worn by me.

What kind of underwear do I wear? This is one of my favorite questions over the years. While I understand the struggle of finding comfortable underwear, it can be very difficult. From high school onwards, my underwear has remained the same from Victoria’s Secret. After the negative comments made by the CEO about plus-sized women, it became clear that I needed to change. Although I have been purchasing from this brand for more than ten years, it was time to change!

Beige or black underwear works best under almost any color clothing. Also I’m a fan of full coverage, seamless styles that don’t show through my clothes. Because they can ride up on my body and make me a thong, or because I find them uncomfortably uncomfortable, I have never liked cheeky underwear. These are my opinions, however yours might be different. I just wanted to let you know what I was thinking when I rated and evaluated the options.

Before we get to the actual options, I’d like to take a moment to thank all my Instagrams users for their suggestions on brands to try. Thank you for your inputs!

Bust = 34.5” Waist = 28” Stomach = 31” Hip = 40” Thigh = 22” Calf = 12.25” Inseam = 27” Bicep = 9.5” Parade Brief – Size Medium

What I loved… Comfy – Not going to lie I was worried this brand was going to be a lot of hype an no substance, but boy was I impressed! They are my favorite and I plan to keep them. It was actually quite generous in coverage. They were very comfortable and fit well.

Is Parade Underwear Good Quality?

High Quality Manufacturing These pants are so well made. Every style that I tested is strong, durable and can be stretched without getting misshapen, popping a thread or becoming brittle. Even the mesh is tough. … It is very difficult to find good quality mesh which is comparable in quality with other fabric. Parade does a great job on this. March 3, 2021

Does Parade Underwear Run Big?

It’s very comfortable throughout the day. I don’t have to worry about it while I wear it. Even though the nylon fabric is flexible and can become stretchy, the underwear style I’ve worn has been very comfortable.

Is Parade Underwear Good For Working Out?

A few underwear samples were sent by the brand to the Reviews team. The Parade Thong is my favorite, especially for working out. Mar 15, 2021

What Is Parade Underwear Made Out Of?

Parade underwear is made using recycled materials & fabrics. It has a cotton lining, mesh and nylon for airflow.

.Parade Underwear Review