Select Blinds Review

Select Blinds Review

select blinds review

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Boom! Did you know that is the most reviewed, highest rated window fashions company in the world? Hands down. remains the preferred brand. You don’t have to buy generic shades or blinds when your windows can be dressed with shutters and shades that are loved and admired by celebrity and professional designers.

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select blinds review

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My son in law had recommended your company to me. Thank you for my excellent ordering experience and the speed with which my order was delivered to me. They are perfect for what I need them to do. All fit beautifully and look wonderful in my windows. Your company is a great place to shop. I have already recommended your name to 2 other people. Thanks so much for getting me the blinds at such a great price and for getting them there quickly.

Splinters! As soon as I took this blind out of the packaging I received three splinters one so deep it drew blood. Two of the other splinters came out of my blinds and fell into my hands. I had the blinds made precisely to fit my windows so they don’t allow it to slide. It is impossible to get the blinds lower by pulling on it. I have requested a return of the Roman shade that Select Blinds gave me in October. It was inconsistent in color. When the shades are white, they appear yellow around their edges. SelectBlinds responded to my inquiry by saying that they had received a response from their production plant. They explained that the reason why the blind edges appear darker was because the fabric is folded over at the edge to create a smooth look. These edges will be more opaque than those in the middle shade. This is how SelectBlinds products are made. It is very unfortunate that SelectBlinds products came yellowed, dingy, and, according to photos, yellow = darker and opaque = yellow. SelectBlinds will not allow you to purchase any of their products. They don’t guarantee the quality of their products.

My attempt to leave a review was unsuccessful. This has happened for several days. You must not leave negative reviews. Totally shadey.

Reply from Select Blinds We’ve reached out to you and offered full store credit to exchange this for something else. Unfortunately, this is how roman shades work. The fabric is folded over on the edges and there’s a double layer of fabric on the sides, compared to the rest of the shade. Light has an extra layer to pass through so the colors may look darker. Reviews get posted after 3-5 business days and anything you’ve left should show up on our website shortly. We can assist you with any problems by getting back to you.

Everything was easy. It was easy to order again. Unfortunately, the color of storm I chose was grey-blue and not gray. This doesn’t seem very appealing. Although I did order the sample, it seemed a bit small in comparison to the actual color.

Easy ordering process, color selection, measuring instructions, and install. Also, the pricing is very attractive.

We were very excited to receive our new blinds. They arrived ready for installation and looked great. We appreciate your professionalism and high-quality product.

select blinds review

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There are no reviews yet at Finding the right shades for your home can seem overwhelming. From looking through different patterns and colors to getting estimates from many salespeople to scheduling appointments to have measurements taken and installed, to finally finding the perfect shade to enhance privacy and add style to your home, it can become a real headache.

It just gets to be too much. It becomes overwhelming.

There are many companies that have taken this issue to heart, and provide online services to assist with all of the necessary steps. offers an extensive selection of shades, blinds, or window coverings.

Select Blinds, are they good quality? You will find out in this article!

select blinds review

Unsponsored Select Blinds Review: Cellular, Roman & Bamboo Shades

No window coverings were available when we moved in to our house last year. We put up temporary paper blinds quickly, which were used to cover most of our windows through the year.

I initially had no plans of making our own blinds. However, a colleague convinced me that it was very simple, even for someone as inexperienced as I was. Window frames are always surrounded by 2×4’s, so I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a stud (an issue I’ve had in the past when installing a closet system). The internet (aka reddit) further convinced me that self-installation was the way to go. The majority of window products can be used in the same way, and you don’t need to add any extra cost unless Hunter Douglass sells a particular material.

Redditors highly recommend Select Blinds. They had the style that I wanted – honeycomb cellular shades with top/down/up honeycomb. One set was enough for me to check… and I’ve added their shades to three rooms in different styles since!

If you are in the market for DIY installation blinds, I hope you find this review helpful. Select Blinds’ reviews can be found on their website, however they are limited to text. Photos would really help.

The Review is quite lengthy. Use the links to navigate around the most pertinent sections:

Table and Contents: Samples Prices Tips for Honeycomb Cellular Shades Roman Shades Woven Wood Shades. Final Verdict

select blinds review

In Conclusion

Our SelectBlinds experience has been wonderful so far. We are actually looking into purchasing cellular shades that can be used in less frequently-used rooms and motorized shades to further enhance our Master/Great Room.

SelectBlinds offers a great way to save 5% on blinds if you’re in search of new ones.

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Jami B. Barnett, Ph.D. has reviewed Select Blinds. SelectBlinds are part of SelectShops and are based in Mesa, Arizona. Child safety: All products sold through SelectBlinds comply with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s standards.

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* The Qualified Made in USA Claims: All products that have less than 90 percent US origin content may be eligible for a qualifier “Made in USA”, label. This includes “Made in USA, with US-made parts”.

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Nov 7, 2019, Rick Steele (CEO, Ace Entrepreneur Selectblinds) is at the top of our global Top 10 Entrepreneurs List.

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