Spark Amp Review

Spark Amp Review

Spark New Zealand Limited
New Zealand Post Office
Founded 1 April 1987

; 34 years ago


1 April 1987



New Zealand
Area served

New Zealand
Key people
  • Justine Smyth, Chair


  • Jolie Hodson, Chief Executive
  • Stefan Knight, Finance Director
  • Grant McBeath, Customer Director
  • Mark Beder, Technology Director
  • Matt Bain, Marketing Director
  • Heather Polglase, HR Director
  • Melissa Anastasiou, General Counsel
  • Tessa Tierney, Product Director
Revenue Decrease


3,531,000,000 (2015)


NZ$962,000,000 (2015)


NZ$375,000,000 (2015)


Total assets

NZ$3,207,000,000 (2015)


Total equity

NZ$1,778,000,000 (2015)


Number of employees
5,562 (2016)


  • Spark Home, Mobile and Business
  • Spark Wholesale
  • Spark Digital
  • Spark Ventures
  • Spark Connect
  • Spark Foundation
  • Spark Sport

spark amp review

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Positive Grid Spark Pearl Special Edition amplifier, a white and gold color version of their award winning amplifier.

The full-feature 40-watt configurable amp is reviewed by Working Class Musician. The amp’s play-along and quality sounds are a highlight. This has prompted many ‘wow’ reactions. Jimmy Franklin makes comments

This app has jam along features that allow you to access any YouTube song and analyze it. It then pulls out the chords for you.

spark amp review

Spark Amp Review

You should also stress the fact that practice amps are a great improvement over their predecessors. While Line 6 may be the subject of plenty of jokes about guitars, the Spider series is the most important: affordable solid-state amps that offer digital presets or effects were not the norm before the Spider series.

Even the Spider’s latest offering has features that fall behind what is available in practice amplifiers. As an example, the Yamaha THR original desktop/practice amplifier line is a wonderful example of what’s now standard.

The Spark amp from Positive Grid takes this idea to new heights. The amp’s extensive features allow it to be a fully integrated part of your guitarist-centric lifestyle at home and on the go. It can do everything from playing around to jamming out to songs you like, recording, writing riffs, and even performing some basic editing.

Spark is a compact desktop combo with a 40 watt output. The model amps and effects are from Positive Grids award-winning BIAS FX program/plugins. You can use it with electric guitars, basses, or acoustic guitarists. Whether you play any or all of those, the Spark can handle it.

From there, it’s a bevy of modern technology. The Spark can play music from Bluetooth and other sources. The Spark can even work as an interface for your DAW.

Spark Amp Features. The best way to assess the Spark Amp and decide if it is for you is by looking at its features and specifications. Here’s what they look like:

Top Panel Controls

spark amp review

Monoprice Monolith(tm) Liquid Spark Review

Michael Solid State Monprice Monolith(tm); Liquid Spark by Alex Cavalli is a portable, compact headphone amplifier that was developed for Monoprice.

Disclosure: This review was conducted using a Monprice Monolith(tm), Liquid Spark sample. We thank the team at Monoprice for giving us this opportunity.

Headfonics reviews of Monoprice products can be found here. The market for small and powerful amplifiers that appeal to audiophiles only has become more potent in recent years. Monoprice released new products recently, each designed for serious fidelity fans. The show is sure to sell out, so make sure you have your Paypal account and wallet ready.

Is The Spark Smart Amp Any Good?

Our Verdict. Spark features all you can expect in a high-end desktop amp. It also has the connectivity and amp modeling that you need. It’s incredible.Nov 12, 2020

Does Spark Make The Most Effective Practice Amp?

Click here to see the Amazon Prices. Joint first, or just second, are the Boss Katana MKII. In our view, the Spark is a more suitable ‘practice amp” for beginners. The Boss Katana MKII is an amp market giant that has received many awards. It’s highly recommended by the industry.

Do The Spark amps have a looper?

You finally have a genuine looper to your Spark Amp when you use the AIRSTEP with your Smart Device. Video: The AIRSTEP Lite turns on Spark channels, toggles Looper recording and switches between Spark channel. Jun 2, 2021

How Long Does It Take to Get Spark Amp?

Q: When I order my Spark, how long can it take for me to receive it? A: For most parts of the world, Spark should be shipped within 5~7 working days after the order has been placed.

.Spark Amp Review