Wyze Watch Review

Wyze Watch Review

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wyze watch review

More Information

You can check that this is the right size by entering your model #.

This Smartwatch features a 1.75-inch TFT LCD touch screen and a 47-mm aluminum frame. It has 320×380 resolution which makes it easy to view email previews, texts and other notifications. An aluminum frame made from 6061 Grade Aluminum Alloy is better than one made out of plastic. It can be used all the way around, including the metal band.

aEURBlood Oxygen/Heart rate/Sleep MonitoraEUR- The Wyze fitness watcher features a crystalglass casing with infrared LED clusters. These can be used to measure heart rate and blood oxygen, as well as check the length, depth, position, and duration of your sleep after you wake up.

aEURFemale Countdown Tracker / Many More Features aEUR’ Wyze smart watches allow you to track the progress of your cycle and keep tabs on your menstrual cycles. Additional functions include a step counter and activity tracker as well as a timer, alarm clock and stretch reminder.

AEURIP68 Waterproof and 9 days of Battery Life. Wyze watch batteries are 300mAh and can last for 60 days. Magnetic charging, charges from 0% to 100% in about 2.5 hours. Bluetooth 5.0 Compatible with Android and iOS Phones

aEURCustomized Watch Face & aEURoeShortcutaEURaEUR’- More than 40 personalized and colorful dials are available for replacement, in addition, the watch face could be customized to match your style through Wyze app. You can manage the Wyze ecosystem using the aEURoeshortcutaEUR feature. In addition, there are up to 10 shortcuts that you can attach to the watch for easy smart home controls .!!!. You should note: Amazon Alexa is not integrated into the Wyze Watch.

wyze watch review

Wyze Announces A $20 Smartwatch With Nine Day Battery Life

Wyze, the smart home company best known for its range of budget internet-connected security cameras, has announced its debut smartwatch. When it arrives in the US, the Wyze Watch comes in sizes 47mm and 44mm. It will also be priced at just $20, as the rest of Wyze’s product line. Wyze announced this announcement after the launch of its first fitness tracker, The $25 Wyze Band, earlier in the year.

It will come with standard smartwatch features such as blood oxygen monitoring and heart rate monitoring. The IP68 rating is also included. There are nine days of battery life. Activity and sleep tracking can be integrated with Apple Health and Google Fit. Wyze has promised that the watch can integrate with Wyze’s devices and will offer shortcuts so you can control its smart bulbs. It can also display your notifications, allowing you to read email previews and texts, though Wyze’s press release doesn’t explicitly say which mobile operating systems the watch works with.

The watch’s 47mm edition (pictured) has a 1.75-inch display.

The Wyze Watch should be shipping in February.

In terms of specs, the 44mm Wyze Watch has a 1.4-inch LCD display with a resolution of 320 x 320 and a 260mAh battery. The 47mm version has a 1.75-inch LCD display with a resolution of 320 x 385 and a 300mAh battery. Both versions have 16MB of storage. Both provide GPS tracking as well support for voice assistants.

Wyze is pricing its first smartwatch at only $20. It makes it difficult to believe that Wyze will be able beat out Samsung and Apple. Wyze could make a good first smartwatch, provided it fulfills its modest promises that the Wyze watch will be simple to use and offer functional features.

The Wyze Watch is available to preorder starting today.

wyze watch review

Wyze Watch44: Review of the Buggy Watch That Isn’T Worth $20

Poor display and design are ruined by the inability to use key features Wareable can be read-powered. An affiliate commission may be paid if we earn a commission from you clicking through to the website.

The Wyze Watch is a smartwatch like nothing we’ve ever seen. The Wyze Band 2021 was a much better smartwatch than this one, but it costs $19.99. The Wyze Watch promises smartphone notifications, activity and sleep tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring and a few other bells and whistles, including blood oxygen monitoring.

These are the only real alternatives at this price. An Amazfit Bip U Pro can be purchased for PS60. We gave it a 4 star review in January. The Wyze Watch does not have GPS or Alexa. It also has 60 sport profiles.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is PS50 in the UK, but lacks availability in the US. It is similar in specs to the Bip U Pro. You’ll pay more than PS100 to get something like the Huawei Watch GT2e with Wear OS, which puts you in a new category.

The Amazfit Neo, priced at PS34.99, is a great alternative. It offers decent tracking and fitness in a Casio retro case. The Wyze is a more comprehensive smartwatch than the Wyze, but it doesn’t have a big screen.

The Wyze Watch is the only one available right now in the US. Can it do enough to make it a worth the price point? Or is it still too expensive at half the price?

Wyze has confirmed that several bugs exist and is working on them. It is planned to update the software. We are also being sent the Wyze Watch 47 by the company, as the Wyze Watch 44 will be relaunched in the next few weeks. This review will be updated as necessary.

wyze watch review

Attractive Design

Credit: Reviewed.com/Simon Hill Clearly inspired by the Apple Watch (left) the Wyze Watch (right) is much cheaper.

By looking closely, the Wyze Watch clearly looks like the Apple Watch. With a rectangular display in an aluminum alloy case and a grey gray-colored metal frame, it is only $20. You will feel light and comfortable on your wrist. The 44mm model weighs 40 grams. The display can be brought to life by pressing the button to the right. This will also give you shortcuts to your home screen.

The touchscreen is a TFT LCD. It’s sharp, colorful, and always legible indoors, though the brightness struggles to cope with direct sunlight, and you have to adjust it manually. While the 47mm model has a display that stretches almost to the rounded edges, the 44mm screen has large bezels above and below that detract from the look. This screen can be mistakenly thought to be an Apple Watch from far away, however the large bezels at close range dispel this illusion.

The Apple Watch SE is the most reliable offering from Apple, and this watch falls short. A fair comparison could be made with the Amazfit GTS. It has an AMOLED LCD display of better quality, more detail about fitness, and costs $100 more that the Wyze Watch.

There’s not much in this exterior design to hide the pricey nature of the smartwatch, except for the small bezels that are on the 44mm version. Although I did not encounter any issues while testing the smartwatch, longevity and durability could be an issue in the future (again it is $20).

wyze watch review

You can track your fitness and sleep.

Credit: Reviewed.com/Simon Hill There’s basic fitness tracking and the Wyze Watch has a heart rate sensor inside.

The Wyze Watch offers very limited fitness and sleep tracking. It will automatically count your steps and give you an estimate of how many calories have been burned. A heart rate sensor is required to be activated manually. But, you can change its settings so that it will continue to monitor your progress at a cost of some battery. An Sp02 sensor measures blood oxygen levels.

For tracking your workouts, tap the “Sports” button to begin. While the Wyze Watch classifies everything as a running event, it is able to distinguish an outdoor and indoor run. Although it doesn’t include GPS, route or GPS tracking, the Wyze Watch can estimate distance, keep track of your heart rate and take a record of duration. Wyze allows users to view data from their devices and find that they can break down workouts into heart beat zones. The zones include warm-up/cool down, fat reduction as well cardio anaerobic and peak minute counters.

When you put the Wyze Watch on your bed, it will track your sleeping patterns. It monitors the length of your sleep, breaks down deep and light periods and highlights those moments that are most awake.

These data are not very precise. It was a lot more accurate than the Apple Watch SE withings Scanwatch. I also found the Wyze Watch overestimated my steps and heart rate. Variations between 10-20 percent in smartwatch algorithms are not uncommon.

It all depends on your level of accuracy. People don’t do much with their health data. Most just need an easy way to keep track of basic fitness goals. Wyze Watch is the right choice if you want a quick measure of trends and an easy way to track them.

wyze watch review

Long battery life

Credit: Reviewed.com/Simon Hill The Wyze Watch can go for a week or more between charges.

Wyze claims that a Wyze Watch can last up to 9 days on a full charge. My experience confirms this. You could expect to reduce that battery life by switching on continuous heartbeat tracking and getting a lot of notifications.

There are fewer features than with other smartwatches. The display isn’t visible all the times, however I enjoyed the lengthy battery life. The Apple Watch Series 6/6 and Apple Watch SE both have a rating of 18 hours. They are, however, much more feature-rich and perform better.

The Wyze Watch was worn for 8 days. It’s waterproof up to 2 meters and can be submerged for 30 minutes. I charged the Wyze Watch at 10%. Your WyzeWatch comes with a magnet charging cable, as well as a USB-A USB-A connector that can plug in to any existing phone charger.

wyze watch review

Smart Home Controls, and Other Add-Ons

Credit: Reviewed.com/Simon Hill. With its all-aluminium body, the Wyze Watch appears and feels much more expensive that it really is.

The Wyze Watch is a limited-feature smartwatch, but it offers one positive surprise: smart home automation shortcuts. Wyze products are the only ones that this feature works. However, it was possible to make my Wyze smart lamps turn on and off using my wrist. This made my life much simpler than using an app on my phone.

Wyze Watch also has stretch reminders. They will remind you every 50 minute to get up from your computer and go for a walk. There is also a cycle track feature to help women track their menstrual health, though we weren’t able to test this feature. The only features I haven’t yet mentioned are the alarm and timer functions and the weather option to get a quick peek at the forecast for the day.

wyze watch review


If I told you this watch had fitness tracking, a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, IP 68 water resistance, iOS and Android support, was made of metal, and had a 9 day battery life…how much would you expect to pay for that product?

Is $20 a good price?

My review of the Wyze Watch smartwatch, which is absurdly cheap. You’d be shocked to know that my Apple Watch costs just $800 every day. For the price of one Apple Watch, I can buy 40 Wyze Watches! Although there are more affordable Apple Watches available, this Apple Watch SE is only 1/14th as expensive.

Even though I could extol the Apple Watch’s superior design and UI, the subject of this review isn’t going to focus on it. Apple Watch is more powerful, offers a higher quality of build and provides a superior user experience.

Let’s now take a look at the Wyze Watch starting at $20.

wyze watch review

Receive Notifications from Your Wyze Watch

Wyze Watch will connect to your phone, and show you previews of your app notifications. Enabled, Wyze Watch displays notifications for your phone, such as calls, messages, and emails.

Notifications from popular apps such as Facebook, WeChat or Google Maps are possible.

Enable Notifications within the App:

To start Wyze Watch, open the Wyze application and tap Wyze Watch.

Click Notification.

Next to Allow Notifications, toggle the switch to Turn it On.

Options for Phone Call*, Text Message, and other apps will appear.

wyze watch review

Wyze $20 Smartwatch

The smartwatch has several features like the blood oxygen monitoring tool, heart rate tracking tool, efficient IP68 water, dust resistance rating, nine-day powered battery life, activity, and sleep tracking tools. The smartwatch can sync and integrate with Apple Health and Google Fit. Wyze is also available through the smartwatch.

Wyne promises the device will have shortcuts to enable customers to control Wyne smart lights. The device will display notifications other than allowing users to read email previews and texts.

In terms of the specifications, the 44mm variant Wyze Watch comes with a 1.4-inch LCD, a resolution of 320 x 320, and a powerful 260mAh battery. It will also have a 47mm LCD. Each variant would be able to store 16MB. However, they wouldn’t support GPS tracking or any voice assistants.

Wyze Smartwatch. Image: Wyze. Wyne has been working hard to compete with tech giants such as Apple and Samsung, despite its $20 price tag. If the smartwatch can deliver the best performance and a functional experience, then the Wyze Watch will be an attractive first smartwatch. You can preorder Wyze Watch.

Wyze claims that the smartwatch’s aluminum frame is lightweight and durable. As we integrate all of our products into them, we keep their prices as low as possible. Wyze explained, “This means that we make a sacrifice in order to offer our valued customers an economical option.”

Wyne was unable to use the GPS capabilities of the smartwatch in order to reduce the price. According to the company, “The loss on GPS tracking allowed us create an efficient low priced smartwatch that outperforms” and does many functions better than most.

Wyze has also created this new smartwatch with the goal of focusing more on the user’s exercise capabilities. Wyne smartwatches have sensors that, just like the other smartwatches can accurately measure blood oxygen saturation, heart beat, steps taken, as well as sleep time.

wyze watch review

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What Will The Wyze Watch Do?

Wyze Watch provides the following applications: Data (for running records), Fitness Tracking (for tracking runs), Sleep Tracker (which tracks your cycles), Alarms, Timers (for controlling Wyze smart homes, separately), Weather and Settings.

Is The Wyze Watch Soundable?

Wyze Watch is not equipped with a microphone nor speaker.

What can I do with my Wyze Watch to go swimming?

Is the Wyze Watch 44 safe for swimming? This watch is IP68 weatherproof. According to Wyze watch information page, it can resist dust, dirt and sand, as well as submersion to 2 meters for 30 minutes. May 18, 2021

.Wyze Watch Review